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Jul. 28th, 2014 07:01 am
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Sorry this is late guys, mea culpa?


It's Got Bells On
lyra_wing | Gen | fic | Sam, Dean
Dean at 19 and Sam at 15 and pranks – including the infamous Nair Incident. The challenge for me was to figure out Dean's voice at 19. But hey, overthinking, and probably TMI. This is just a fun, nonsense fic.

Pop Rocks and Coke
mellaithwen | PG-13 | fic | Sam, Dean
Summary: "It's not the flu, Sammy."

Sidewalk Piano
loweryourwand | Gen | fic | Mary,  Dean, Sam.
Summary: Shakespeare, Moonlight Sonata, abandonment. Runs from Mary to Dean. Since I suck at summaries, first sentence, wee! As a child, Mary lost her virginity to a fake piano. (Oh god, it's really not as disturbing as it sounds.)
Love and loss pervades this fic as we see the similarities between Dean and Mary. Of course being written in 2006 it has been Kripke'd to hell and back with canon, but it still stands well on its own merits.

... And the Horse You Rode In On
apocalypsos  | R| fic | Sam/girl!Dean
Summary: Dean hasn't done anything lately that can't be defined as anything other than a really bad idea, and this is a perfect example.

When the Lights Are Dim
lyssiebaby | Nc-17| fic | Sam/Dean
Summary: He was trying to figure out (he knows) what caught his attention, when the same (familiar) movement triggers it again, allowing him to hone in on the (sex) object of his scrutiny. It’s a (gorgeous, fucking beautiful) man, all tanned skin and worn jeans and painted-on black tee. His hair’s dirty blonde, and he’s got his back turned to Sam, but he’d recognize that (ass) walk anywhere, the way the man practically slinks through the club like a (predator) giant cat, graceful and sure. Sam’s heart (his cock) speeds up (grows hard) with exhilaration (lust), and one soft word falls from his lips – but that’s all it takes for the man to turn, eyes (fucking beautiful) widening in surprise.

Backseat Driver
jonny_vrm | NC-17| fic | Sam/Dean
Summary: "Why would I need a willing woman when I’ve got you?"

Blowjobs are the Best Kind of Lullaby
closetcrombie | NC-17| fic | Sam/Dean
Summary: In which I satisfy my need to see Dean giving Sam head.

Secrets & Bonds – An AU Supernatural Series
crazyjoyfulgirl and jenshih_blue | NC-17| fic | Sam/Dean
Summary: Following the events of ‘Home’ Sam confronts Dean about his reluctance to talk about what happened in Lawrence. His refusal to speak about Lawrence as well as other secrets he’s keeping may pull the brothers apart or draw them closer as they confront feelings neither of them have a name or explanation for.


Giving Jared Free Time is a Bad Idea

annalazarus | NC17 | fic | Jared/Jensen
A/Notes: Assumes that the boys were wearing their own clothing and were allowed to kick around on a photo site without twenty handlers making sure they didn't break anything.

Money Shot
azewewish | NC17 | fic | Jared/Jensen
Summary: Um, Jensen gives Jared a blowjob. You do the math from there.

Looking for a Lesson in the Periodicals
matalinolukaret | NC17 | fic | Jared/Jensen
Summary: Every week Jared brings his niece to the library like any good uncle should. The hot librarian that works there is the reason he stays.

Item: Two Lips, Indifferent Red…
candygramme  | NC17 | fic | Jared/Jensen
Summary: The prompt was: 'Jensen puts on lip balm *flavored bonus points*, then Jared wants some so Jensen pushes Jared up against a wall & kisses him, sex happens & the last line to be something about "All this happened because you gave me lip."'

Learning Curve
[AO3 account] misha_anon | Mature | fic | Dean/Cas
When Dean finally finds the courage to kiss Castiel, he doesn't get quite the response he'd hoped for. Fortunately for them both, Cas is an eager student once he gets a taste of the pleasures of the flesh.
Curious!Virginal!Cas with somewhat-frustrated-but-still-excellent-teacher!Dean makes for one very hot combination.

At the End of All Things
[AO3 account] WinterSky101 | Teen | fic | Dean/Cas, warning: character death
Dean Winchester was once a young man. He isn't any more.
There’s sadness to this fic, but it is also sweet to see how the relationship between Dean and Castiel has evolved.

Het and Other Slash

My Guardian Angel
[AO3 account] EddiPoo | Teen | fic | Castiel/Reader, warning: attempted rape
You have a bad encounter with several men in a dark alleyway. And there is no escape. Until an angel in a trench coat comes to your rescue.
What seems at first to be a classic/cliché rescue!fic turns out to be more complex with new monsters and mythology. The gradual/low key Castiel/Reader relationship adds a layer of immediacy and interest to this fic.

Free As The Rent We Don't Pay
[AO3 account] MajorEnglishEsquire | Teen | fic | Kali/Gabriel, post-Hammer of the Gods
Nobody tells Kali what she is capable of.
Kali’s inner conflict and final decision ring very true to what we saw of her in HotG. Her feelings for Loki/Gabriel defy all logic and reason, and the result is glorious.

Grooming an Ex-Angel
[AO3 account] benedictcumberlongpond | Explicit | fic | Sam/Cas
Sam takes Castiel clothes shopping after he's fallen, Cas makes some unorthodox clothing decisions that lead to some unorthodox situations.
Hot and sweet with bonus flustered!Dean.

No Apologies
[AO3 account] dragonflybeach | Teen | fic | Sam/Jody
Getting your soul back after more than a year means you have a lot of things to make right. Or at least try to, anyway.
This fic has the perfect mix of contrite newly-resouled Sam and not-having-your-bs Jody.

Trueform Anna
[ profile] 22to22 | Unrated by author (G) | art |
“I think ophanim are more suited for leading other angels than for combat, what with being two intersecting wheels covered in eyes. It struck me that the least-human looking angel might long for the experience of humanity the most.”
Just stunning colors and interpretation. As the artist’s caption/note says, a lot of thought went into developing this picture, and it shows.

Pilot Script - Early Version of "Bridge" Scene and more Script Bits
its fascinating to see the changes here, especially as I have never seen these versions of the script before.

Supernatural, Runaway Train
Uploaded on Jun 4, 2007
Vidders note: This song is like MADE for Sam and Dean! Well, at least it reminds me of them...
The clip choices seem to fit really well to the song, although the transition effect is a little overused at times, overall I liked the vidders idea behind the video.


Jul. 28th, 2014 05:43 pm
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I may have just done something very foolish. Attempted to get the bottom hatch of the compost bin open for the purpose of collecting compost. Oi vey. I really should know better by now. Next time my garden person is here, I'll ask her to pull out as much as she can and dump it into a bin for me to use at my leisure.

Anyhoo, I've planted my next lot of spring onions, some mibuna, more spinach and some 'Paris Silverskin' pickling onions which I don't use for pickling - they're a lovely small, sweet, white onion that grow quickly. The mibuna went into a pot that sits on a table at waist level, the rest went into the vegie crate.

I also pulled out the remains of the last crop of non-hearting lettuce as the new crop is now ready to start using.

It's made me quite peckish.

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Jul. 27th, 2014 11:37 pm
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Posting for the come-hither looks that the guy in the overalls keeps shooting the camera.

The YouTube link in case the embed fails.

Hearts and Bones

Jul. 28th, 2014 05:47 am
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Posted by Erin

I finished this dress up last weekend:

queen of hearts bodice

This here is the part I like best. I was going to do plain red piping, but the reds didn’t match. (And neither did the maroons or blues. I have more piping than a Scottish funeral.)

hearts with striped piping

The striped piping is from Britex. Every time I go in I have this little surge of hope that they’ve decided to carry even more patterned cotton piping, and then I see that the choices are basically pinstripes, leopard, and neon. I’ve bought all the stripey ones; I’m just not really a leopard-print kinda gal; but I’m sure someday I will manage to avoid the gorge-rising nausea upon seeing neon colors that the early 1980s left me with and you will see some fluorescent pink piping here in these pages.

Here’s an off-center and slightly unfocused front view!

queen of hearts

I suppose at this point I should mention that the bodice is Simplicity 2389 (again) and the skirt (for a change) is BurdaStyle Heidi with some alterations.

What alterations? Well, I added 6″ to the skirt center back and front, and lengthened the skirt by about 8″ to ensure a deep, deep hem. I really like this version of the Heidi skirt — it’s very comfortable, and for some reason manages to cohere with the 1940s bodice and feel modern at the same time.

I piped the back yoke seam this time, too:

queen of hearts back bodice

Except I forgot that the yoke has to meet the facing at center back and had to kludge in a little bit more piping. Also, the back facing DID NOT want to turn nicely over that piping bit, so I finally just said “this is a design feature” and left it at that.

queen of hearts back afterthought piping

Here you can see the piping meeting at the underarm (probably another reason that piping the back is not as good an idea as it might seem), as well as the pocket piping and the zipper:

queen of hearts side seam and piped pocket

The whole back view (I’m not sure what was up with the lighting when I took these, weekends have been fairly sunny lately):

queen of hearts back


This voile is lighter than I’m used to, so I thought I might have to line it. Instead I settled for a heavier slip than usual and cutting the pocket lining and neck facing from this weird pale pale pink linen/cotton voile I had lying around. Since I’m mostly pale pale pink too, it seems to work. I have another one cut out where the fabric really was translucent, so I ended up underlining it in black voile, which is creating a kind of goth-flavored mallard color effect (that fabric is teal).

I ended up wearing this to a Javascript conference last week — I hesitated a tiny bit about wearing something so flat-out girly, as the gender ratio at these things approaches that of your typical offshore oil rig and/or professional football team (only with more ironically-worn mustaches and skinnier jeans). But it wasn’t as if I was going to magically become any less of an outlier in a plain denim dress (choice #2) than I was in this one, and since I hadn’t really worn it yet (and really wanted to), on it went.

Honestly, since I’m not looking for a job, I have a whole lot less risk in wearing something super-girly at tech conferences. And if I wear something like this, I can set some kind of upper bar and make other people look moderate in comparison, and gradually move the whole bar of “conference wear” further in my direction, right? That’s the plan, anyhow.

It was a total luxury to be able to go to this conference, by the way. I’ve been dabbling in Node.js for a bit and have finally reached the stage where a tiny archipelago of scattered knowledge is emerging from the receding seawaters of my ignorance. However, I am still looking for navigable channels between the islands, and a conference is one of the fastest ways I know of to connect the dots.

There’s something about going into a talk where you know nothing about anything in the description, grabbing onto the first idea tossed out by the presenter that connects to anything you know, and following along, knot by knot and intersection by intersection, until you have a lovely net with which to catch the entire topic.

Usually when I learn anything new it’s like taking the Tube in London: I get on at one subterranean stop and clamber back up the light in a completely different place, and couldn’t for the life of me say how to get back to the first stop overland. Going to a conference is like riding around on the top of a bus: I can finally see how all the different neighborhoods join up and how to walk between them. And coding is such a lovely city …


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This story belongs to the series Love Is For Children which includes "Love Is for Children," "Hairpins," "Blended," "Am I Not," "Eggshells," "Dolls and Guys,""Saudades," "Querencia," "Turnabout Is Fair Play," "Touching Moments," "Splash," "Coming Around," "Birthday Girl," "No Winter Lasts Forever," "Hide and Seek," "Kernel Error," "Happy Hour," "Green Eggs and Hulk," and "kintsukuroi."

Fandom: The Avengers
Characters: Phil Coulson, Nick Fury
Medium: Fiction
Warnings: Minor character death. Bullying. Fighting. Suicide attempt (minor character).
Summary: This is the story of how a little boy named Flip grows up to save the world a lot.
Notes: Hurt/comfort. Family. Fluff and angst. Accidents. Emotional whump. Disability. Sibling relationship. Nonsexual love. Parentification. Manipulation. Coping skills. Asking for help and getting it. Hope. Protection. Caregiving. Competence. Toys and games. Comic books. Fixing things. Martial arts. Gentleness. Trust. Role models. Military. BAMF Phil Coulson.

Begin with Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14, Part 15, Part 16, Part 17, Part 18, Part 19, Part 20, Part 21, Part 22, Part 23, Part 24.

Read more... )

Daily Happiness

Jul. 27th, 2014 10:22 pm
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1. We got a car today and went to Ikea and Walmart, which is an exhausting combination, but we got some stuff, so that was good. Though one of the main reasons we wanted to go to Ikea is because we're looking to get a chair or small loveseat to put in the computer room now that we took out the CD shelves, but the two we liked turned out to be not available online. >_< (I wasn't planning on buying anything today, but I don't want to buy a chair without trying it out first, so the plan was to see what they had and then order online at some point if we found something we liked.) We also stopped at Smart & Final to get a couple of their gigantic charcoal bags, since they're such a good price, but there's no way you can haul that home on the bus.

2. We've still been watching The Simpsons every night, usually 2-3 episodes with dinner and I've been enjoying it so much. We're on season 11 now and one of the episodes we watched tonight was the one with Gary Coleman, which is such a great episode. Three prawns is hardly a galaxy!

just so you know

Jul. 28th, 2014 12:03 am
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The Great Queen Seondeok, despite the fact that EVERYONE sucks at Surveillance 101, features political philosophy, warfare, badasses, women of awesome, multilingualism, AND SCIENCE.

Sorry, this is WAY more Yoonishly awesome than Buffy.
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Posted by Shripad Dharmadhikary

It is often believed that coal-based power plants near the coast, by virtue of their proximity to the sea, do not create any pressure on water resources. Shripad Dharmadhikary’s visit to Krishnapattanam in Andhra Pradesh and parts of Tamil Nadu exposes the fallacy in that.

Thinking About Easy City

Jul. 27th, 2014 11:23 pm
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 [personal profile] helgatwb is helping me figure out how Easy City developed from New Orleans, Slidell, and other cities hooking together into a metroplex ... when people in southern Louisiana don't actually get along all that well.  Read the first discussion post, and chime in if you know this area.

Stuff and things

Jul. 27th, 2014 07:56 pm
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Vividcon is in, like, a week and a half! *GLEE* Who else is going? Can I get a show of hands?

- Within the last few months, I've finished rewatches of Buffy, Angel, and Farscape. Now I'm pondering my next big pop culture move.

- [personal profile] jmtorres is our roommate now. It is awesome. She brought oh so many books.

- I really, really, really want to make an album-vid of Farscape a la Luminosity's Scooby Road, but finding good, consistent albums that are also salient to the subject matter throughout is *hard*. This is especially true since I only really discovered music in the era of MP3s, so I don't keep a lot of albums in my head.

- I'll have DVDs for sale at the orphan vids table at Vividcon again. Nothing new, just a repackaging of Volumes 1 and 2 from last year as a single unit. If you have one and not the other, let me know and I'll bring a few single-volume of each as well.

- Poking at a couple different vids here and there. Finished one vid, then decided it wasn't awesome enough, so I unfinished it.

- Went to see Puppet Up! on Friday. Puppet improv from the Jim Henson Company. Dirty, dirty dirty puppet improv. It was hilarious.

- Running Fiasco again at the con. Interest posts at Dreamwidth and Livejournal. There's still plenty of room on both Thursday and Sunday nights.

That's... pretty much everything I can think of right now.

"Get me off this crazy thing!"

Jul. 27th, 2014 10:16 pm
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Zoloft taper time! The plan:

Day 0 (today): 12.5 mg/day (the dosage I've been on for the last 18 months)
Days 1-14: 6.25 mg/day
Days 15-28: alternate 6.25 mg/day and 0 mg/day
Day 29: fully discontinue

The last time I went off Zoloft I dropped it cold turkey because I was at much too high a dose for me and it was making me suicidal, manic, and possibly psychotic. (As indicated above, my therapeutic dose is below most people's starting dose, and my psychiatrist at the time had no idea how to dose someone like me.) I don't recall experiencing any adverse effects from the abrupt stop, but I wasn't really paying much attention at the time, and I'm not sure I would have noticed anything unless it was worse than the effects of the Zoloft itself. That said, I don't expect to have any problems, especially since I'm tapering this gradually.

I wasn't expecting to be able to cut my half-pills in half again, but J keeps our kitchen knives nice and sharp, so that makes life easier. I could possibly cut them even smaller but I think that's probably unnecessary.

I cannot wait to be off this stuff. Cannot. Wait.

Usual rules for comments about medical stuff: no advice unless I specifically ask (which I'm not) or you think I'm about to inadvertently harm myself.
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First, the best request. I need a beta for a short (I mean short, >2K) Silmarillion fic, the first of three chapters. It's based on one of the prompts from Ye Olde Fingon/Maedhros Prompt List of Doom, although it is largely gen and centered on Maedhros. It's an AU, of the canon-divergent variety. Ahem. An offer to help will be greeted by a freshet of grateful tears.

Next, the recipe! Because I invented it fifteen minutes before the last iftar of Ramadan 2014 began, it is naturally a virgin cocktail. The tentative name for it is the East Meets West cocktail, but I know that’s a clunker. I’m open to suggestions!

Recipe is as follows. )
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Call and Response (2252 words) by Grey_Bard
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Temeraire - Naomi Novik
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Perscitia & Temeraire
Characters: Temeraire, Perscitia
Additional Tags: Epistolary, Dragons, Humor, University, Cambridge, 1870's, Futurefic, non-human protagonist
Series: Part 1 of With an eye to the future...

Summary: Dragons, higher education and excerable poetry... Excerpts from the historic correspondence of Vice Chancellor Emeritus Perscitia OBE PhD PhD and the dragon Temeraire, circa 1870.

Note: Hey guys, let's play spot the stealth crossover!
Temeraire: What is this I hear that you have retired indefinitely to Australia? )

iPad for sale

Jul. 27th, 2014 06:17 pm
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Irene made the switch to an iPad mini, so we're looking to sell her old iPad.

It's a 4th generation black 32gb iPad with retina display and lightning port. It has wi-fi, but is not the cellular-enabled type. More specs here on Amazon.

It's in great condition except for the screen, which is cracked, and one roughed-up corner. It has one of those plastic film screen protectors on it so it's still usable even with the cracked screen (she's been using it like this for months), but it is probably best to replace the screen.

Pics )

There's also a Logitech keyboard/cover. It snaps on as a cover and can be removed to use with the iPad like a notebook.

I'm looking to get $250 for both the iPad and the cover, shipping within the US included. Please comment, DM, or email me at if you're interested.


Jul. 27th, 2014 09:29 pm
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We're back to watching Breaking Bad -- S4 x 11 at this moment, our third one tonight.

I am seriously all a-flail. I just -- cascading awful decisions for four seasons now and I am still boggling.

Also I have a distressing fondness for some of these appallingly morally ambiguous characters. Not sure what that says about me.

Also also, the show is so fucking pretty that I really want to vid it. And I'd vid it to Calexico, too. I'm just not sure I have the spoons to rewatch all of this gruesome and devastating stuff.

I so do not have the appropriate icon for this. *wry grin*

선덕여왕 through ep. 16?

Jul. 28th, 2014 12:00 am
yhlee: Korean tomb art from Silla Dynasty: the Heavenly Horse (Cheonmachong). (Korea cheonmachong)
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By way of [personal profile] sovay, goat towers. Adorable, totally work-safe photos.

By way of a friend, Death by Caffeine:
How much of your favorite energy drink, soda, or caffeinated food would it take to kill you?

Said friend notes that water poisoning would usually kill you first...

I claim I like that it rains frequently in Louisiana, and then we have a week like this one so I am clearly LYING. Of course, because of poor Melaka being at the shop, we can't leave the house anyway...

선덕여왕 through ep. 13? 14? Read more... )


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