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Nov. 27th, 2014 05:42 pm
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[Administrivia: I am not good about keeping up with DW/LJ on a daily basis, so I tend not to see the Reading Wednesday (or, as my friend [personal profile] firecat puts it, "media consumption") until Thursdays, which reminds me to do them, but a day late, and then I talk myself out of posting, but I'm just gonna do them when I think of it, and I'm gonna set a google alarm to remind me on Wednesdays.]


On [personal profile] wordweaverlynn's recommendation, I bought [personal profile] desperance's (Chaz Brenchley) Being Small. I am enjoying it so far. More about it next week.

Mostly, I've been reading trashy murder novels, most of which I instantly forget as soon as I've read them. This week was no different.


My dad lives twenty minutes away, and we've decided to become TV buddies (we're not close, but we like each other, and neither of our partners has any interest in watching the kinds of shows we like. This week, we watched:

Another Doctor Who episode, enough to determine he doesn't like it enough to continue.

The most recent episode of Criminal Minds. It's his current fave, and I like it fine. It's a lot like the murder mysteries I read: strangely fluffy considering the subject matter, good enough to hold my interest, not good enough to do anything more. And oh, my goodness, do they hammer at the idea of how unsafe it is to be on the internet. Like, every other episode is about some cyberstalker.

Episode 2 of the thing where Alfre Woodard is the US President. State of Affairs? I think so. Anyway, meh, but I'll give it a chance.

And the first half or so of a movie called Redeye, which looks to be a schlocky intrigue thingy that will probably be just fine. Dad had to go, so we'll finish it next time.

On my own, I am watching the first season of Blacklist and finding it compelling and aggravating in equal measures, much like Lost. I have never been a huge Spader fan, but he's fine, and while I don't find him personally appealing, I do think he's a good actor. The acting, in fact, is what keeps me coming back. There's not a true dud of an actor in the whole bunch, as far as I can tell. Was the Director guy an Obama impersonator in a former life?

James and I* finished what Netflix had of Good Eats, then No Reservations, then did what they had of Parts Unknown, and a couple of eps of Mind of a Chef. We moved on to Bizarre Foods, which grossed out James too much. Then Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives, which we both think is like a shallow version of No Reservations.

We are also watching what we can find of the Suchet Poirot without spending too much cash. Bought a few eps at Costco for a few bucks each. May decide to buy the rest on Google Play or something. We like it. We watched his his documentary about the real Orient Express, as well, and enjoyed that.

We also rewatched both Addams Family movies (any Addams Family movie that does not contain Raul Julia is declared by James to be non-existent, so I say "both" and will continue to say "both"). We love the love story of these films, and we see ourselves in the Addamses.


I mostly only listen to music when I'm cleaning house or in the car, and usually only when I'm alone in the car. I hate commercials, so I listen to CDs. Someday, I'll switch to using my phone as a music player, but not yet. I just swapped out what was in there (John Gorka, Suzanne Vega, Indigo Girls, Lyle Lovett, Ani DiFranco) for a new batch (Wynonna, Linda Ronstadt, some other stuff). My Pandora shuffle has become really good for my housecleaning music. A mix of 70s folk-rock stuff, hip-hop, James's faves (disco and surf music, mostly), vocal jazz, and recent geeky music like Garfunkel & Oates and Jonathan Coulton.

I have such mixed feelings about "All About That Bass," my most recurring earworm of late. On the one hand, catchy and different and I like her voice. On the other hand... No, wait. On two other hands:

1) No, white girl pop star, YOU are NOT "bringing booty back."
2) Fat chicks are hot, yes, we get it. That does not make skinny chicks "stick-figure Barbie dolls," even though I can get the urge to disparage thinness while celebrating thickness. Let's stick together and fuck ALL the fascist beauty standards!

* I swear, the cooking shows were his idea, not mine. His current monomania, but it works for me!

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Nov. 27th, 2014 05:27 pm
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I'll keep it simple: I love ALL OF YOU.
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Since I'm still unclear on the level and speed of internet connectivity the next few days, I'm going ahead and posting this early in the day. The tweets are all scheduled, so if you're getting them that way, they'll continue to appear at regular intervals. I have a couple more hours still this morning (we're on day... 2 or 3 and D's trying to work on at least starting to fix it), so I'm going to see what I can have ready to go for the next few days. Now if we only had scheduled posts...

ETA: Ahahahaha, guess who forgot to post this before they left? Connection is super spotty, but I'm hoping this uploads at least. If I can format posts for Today, Friday, and Saturday, and schedule some more tweets, then it'll be a bonus. Here's to hoping! (I swear I need to do this on purpose next time just so I can plan ahead.)

A Fic(+) Playlist for the Holiday, Day 1

Fandoms in today's links are: Avengers, Hawkguy, Pacific Rim, Teen Wolf, X-Men, Sleepy Hollow, How to Train Your Dragon, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Labyrinth. Primarily fic with a accent of art, meta, and other fanworks.

18 Recs for Day 2 )

Media Consumption Turkey Edition

Nov. 27th, 2014 04:52 pm
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Advanced Style
Ari Seth Cohen has a street fashion blog called Advanced Style which focuses on stylish people (mostly women) aged 50 and over (usually a lot over). The blog has spawned a coffee table book, a coloring book complete with paper dolls and this documentary, which features a few of the women he photographs regularly. All of them live in New York City. You see them working (one works in a vintage clothing store, several teach), being photographed for ad campaigns, singing in a nightclub, being part of a flash mob at New York Fashion Week, visiting Los Angeles to appear on the Ricki Lake show, and more.

Edge of Tomorrow
Tagline is Lather. Rinse. Live. Die. Repeat. Time loop movie. Fairly entertaining in that twenty-teens excessively seriously dystopian way that movies can be. I liked the female protagonist, played by Emily Blunt, and that there was almost no (spoiler) romance between her and Cruise's character, although there was a little. (Wikipedia says the kiss between them at the end of the movie was unscripted and was Blunt's idea. I think it was a bad idea.) (end spoiler) I also loved the cranky old general character played by Brendan Gleeson.

An astronaut and a scientist inexperienced in space travel get stranded in space. Much effort was put into making the space environment seem realistic, although the scenario is less realistic. If you can see it in the theater in 3D, definitely do that, but if not, it's wonderful in 2D on a large home TV also. Great soundtrack. Sandra Bullock is an amazing physical actress.

The Last Unicorn
Animated 1982 film of Peter Beagle's 1962 fairy tale. Liked it a lot. Proves that (spoiler) "the princess marries the prince and everyone lives happily ever after" trope could be subverted long before Frozen came along (end spoiler).

Men in Black 3
This one wasn't as good as the first one but was better than the second one. Doesn't pass the Bechdel test, but has Emma Thompson as the head of the agency. Boris the Animal and Griffin are fun aliens. Time travel to the 1960s is generally fun.

Speaking of time travel to the 1960s...oh wait, this one was made in 1971, but close enough. One of the first and most iconic blaxploitation films, although apparently it annoyed white audiences for making too much of racism and black audiences for not making enough of it. (Gee not much has changed in 43 years.) The relationship between Shaft and his white contact in the police is fun. Everyone is wearing rust colored turtlenecks and lounging on fake fur rugs. Lots of product placement. If you want to make a point about male characters who would be called Mary Sues if they were female characters, be sure to mention Shaft. Now I want to do crossover fanfic with Shaft and James Bond.


Up from the Grave, Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress #7)
This is the last book in the Night Huntress series, although Frost has written other books set in the same universe. I'm somewhat incapable of explaining why I like these books, so have a collection of funny (some intentionally, some not) lines instead:
  • "Baring the majority of my breasts"
  • "That’s how two vampires, a medium, and a dog came to sit around a Ouija board in the back room of a floral shop."
  • "The fact that I hadn’t known what I was doing when it happened was almost moot by comparison."
  • "Groin cleavage"
  • "Changing someone into a vampire was downright prissy-looking by comparison."
Oh, and I really didn't like the way she described Detroit.

The Sittaford Mystery, Agatha Christie
Audiobook, well narrated by Hugh Fraser, who does a wide range of voices well. Published in 1931. Not part of a series, although it was rewritten for a TV show in which Miss Marple became the crime solver. Set in Dartmoor (English title: The Murder at Hazelmoor). The rural nature of the area, along with its bad weather, and the fact that someone can hide upon the moor play into the plot, but not the beauty or loneliness of the scenery as in Conan Doyle's or Laurie R. King's Sherlock Holmes in Dartmoor mysteries. My favorite characters are the chief crime solver, Emily Trefusis, who is the accused man's fiancée; and Caroline Percehouse, a cranky and very smart old lady. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is mentioned in the context of his being interested in metaphysics. I had trouble keeping some of the other characters straight. Enough red herrings to feed an army.

[ SECRET POST #2886 ]

Nov. 27th, 2014 06:51 pm
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⌈ Secret Post #2886 ⌋

Warning: Some secrets are NOT worksafe and may contain SPOILERS.


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Fic updates

Nov. 27th, 2014 02:09 pm
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For anyone tracking my fic on AO3, apologies for this afternoon's ficalanche -- I finally got most of the rest of the Fallen London/White Collar AU fics uploaded. Several of them have never been posted before. There's still one that I haven't uploaded yet (my Jack of Smiles fic, because it's a follow-up to a fic that Frith hasn't posted on AO3 yet) but at this point nearly everything is up, including a few fics that we'd only exchanged in email.

The whole series on AO3.

Dungeon World + Elementary 1.1

Nov. 27th, 2014 04:31 pm
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- recent gaming
My sister ran a one-shot of Dungeon World! I believe she used one that someone else had written, involving the party breaking free from slavery in mines owned by an evil lich. (I have to specify "evil lich" because there was that one FIDONET AD&D netbook full of adventure hooks featuring a good lich and the trouble he got into. I wish I knew where to find that netbook again. It was hilarious.) I don't think Dungeon World is a crunchy enough system to satisfy Joe, but we had fun. But for a more casual one-shot, it was fine. I'm not terribly crunchy myself.

Even funnier was the lizard, who played an "elven" "ranger," by which I mean her RP was actually appropriate to a kender thief. (Are there any kender who aren't thieves? I've never read the Dragonlance RPG materials, as opposed to the novels.) My favorite was the giant spider Joe and I (paladin and fighter, respectively) killed without her help because she ran away, and then after the spider was dead she asked, "Is there any loot?" She asked that a lot, just that time was the funniest. And Joe gave her a gem he found and her initial reaction to the blackened idol of a fallen god with gems for eyes was still, "Can I take the eyes?" I talked her down to just touching the eyes and at least that didn't trigger a deathtrap, ZOMG. I sense we are not yet ready for Grimtooth's Traps. Heck, I'm not ready for Grimtooth's Traps. I've never even read Grimtooth; I just know of them through reputation via a friend of ours in college.

Also, unrelated to gaming, I ordered two bottles of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Yule 2014 Strawberry Sufganiyot:
A sugar-dusted pile of sufganiyot, trickling bright rivulets of strawberry jelly.

Even if it doesn't work on me, I will probably be able to trade it for something else. But honestly, it sounds delightful. I have probably sold a story (it's slightly convoluted) so I felt like celebrating.

- recent viewing
Elementary 1.1. Hey, I loved this. My sister brought it to show me. :) She wasn't sure I would like this, but I loved it from early on--the dynamic between this Sherlock and Joan is awesome. My sister said that Joan has style and smarts and can hold her own against Sherlock, and that's how I'm feeling already. Does anyone have nonspoilery Sherlock + Joan icons? :D

Giving thanks

Nov. 27th, 2014 05:03 pm
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I try to do this every year.

Dear Fandom: I am so grateful to have found you.

I am grateful to no longer feel like a square peg in a round pegboard -- to have found a tribe (more than one tribe!) where I fit and where I belong.

I am grateful for all of y'all who love the things I love, and who help me create a place to love them together.

I am grateful for everyone who writes stories, maintains rec lists, records podfic, makes vids, creates fanart, leaves comments, leaves kudos.

I am grateful for the shows I love and the characters who inhabit my life: from Eric and Tami Taylor, to the Bishops and Olivia and Astrid, to Finch and Reese and Bear and Shaw and Root, to the Doctor and Amy and Rory and River and Clara.

I am grateful for fandom because, like the TARDIS, y'all whisk me away to other lives and other adventures every day.

Y'all are the best. I love you and I am grateful for you.

Happy (American) Thanksgiving to all who celebrate!

photo of the day

Nov. 27th, 2014 03:50 pm
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In honor of the tasty, tasty goose we ate for Thanksgiving lunch. =) I roasted vegetables in the same pan (so delicious! drenched in goose fat and drippings) and I made pork sausage stuffing in the slow cooker.

I am very full now.

Foxes are totally trustworthy.
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Dubiety the Cat attempted to ruin genocide day by not urinating for over twenty-four hours. I got him to the vet and back before the meal was ready, though. I ruined his plans. We ruined genocide day ourselves, the traditional way - by discussing politics at the dinner table.

(The libertarian cousin said about what you'd expect your libertarian cousin to say. I scolded her from the couch, where I had retreated in the company of the baby, the dog, and $3 wine.)

Foxglove Summer (Rivers of London #5)

Nov. 27th, 2014 12:08 pm
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I, um, may have prevailed upon the kindness of friends to read this book, since it's not out in the U.S. 'til January (at which point I shall be buying it promptly!).

Foxglove Summer )

you are just what i need.

Nov. 27th, 2014 10:20 pm
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[community profile] fandom_stocking is back in business! Make your list and check it twice. FUN TIMES.

Also there's a new holiday love meme going on at livejournal. I know I just did one, but apparently I'm greedy. Don't think I've ever been on the first page tho, I really jumped on this early!

btw this is the most adorable fanart to ever fanart and I want a thousand, I want to print it out and use it as a postcard, I want it on my fridge. But also THIS. Thissss tooooo. Yes good, have all of it. It's such a delight to be in a giga-fandom. I have been drowning in new to me fanart since I got home, and I was only gone what, six weeks or so? *hearteyes all over fandom*
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Spoke to my dad on the phone (parents are in TN, I'm in NY) and suggested that he get me Penguins/Islanders tickets for Christmas.

"Hmm," he said.

(The last time we had this sort of conversation, I wound up with tickets to see Bruce Springsteen.)

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In lieu of watching a parade that is literally an homage to colonialist capitalism, I suggest exploring the video collections of Native Faces of Beauty and Lizard Light Productions. Lizard Light's videos of hoop dancers are particularly superb.

Recommended reading: the suppressed 1970 Thanksgiving speech of Wamsutta.

And for Giving Tuesday on December 2, here are some charities worth donating to:

The American Indian College Fund
The Association on American Indian Affairs
The Indian Law Resource Center
The Native American Rights Fund


"About #BlackoutBlackFriday: We ask those who stand with Ferguson, victims of police brutality and us to refrain from shopping on Black Friday and participate in a nationwide day of action and activism." There are special events in NYC and Los Angeles.

For those who do embark on holiday shopping this time of year, please consider supporting Black shop owners on Etsy:


Today I'm reminding myself that in three and a half weeks, the days start getting longer again.
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Outside of spoiler-cut, I feel compelled to mention that the series doesn't stay this dark, which may be either an enticement or a warning. Actually, by the point I've reached in my own rewatching (late season one) it verges on pure comedy at times. Which is a bizarre mood shift considering how incredibly dark this episode is ...

If discussing spoilers from future episodes, please use your choice of the following:

  • rot13 (copy-paste text into the cypher window to code or unencode it)
  • LJ spoiler cut: <lj-spoiler>spoiler text</lj-spoiler> -- does not work on DW
  • spoiler span text: <span style="color:white;background:white;">spoiler text</span> -- does not work on LJ

Invisible Man 1x02 - The Catevari

Catevari spoilers )
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I spent all day yesterday working, except for the break I took to take the kids to the library. (Note to self: remember how early it gets dark nowadays.) Then, in the evening, I inexplicably lost the Internet for many hours. That's my excuse this week. I had to turn in my copy late, too.

So! I finished Phantasm Japan. Go read it. Tim Pratt's "Those Who Hunt Monster Hunters" is probably my favorite story of the volume because it intersects neatly with my own thematic concerns, plus it mocks online dating sites and their denizens.

I also liked Joseph Tomaras' "Thirty-Eight Observations on the Nature of the Self," both naughty and dark, and Project Itoh's "From the Nothing, With Love" is the perfect take on the James Bond stories. Nothing here left me cold and I feel a little bad not giving them all a little shout-out.

Now I am about halfway through "The History of Rock'n'Roll in Ten Songs" by Greil Marcus, which I picked up on a whim while the kids were out of town two weeks ago. I found his take on "All I Could Do Was Cry" a, a little tainted with reflexive disdain for pop music. Maybe this was always going to happen when you put Etta James and Beyonce next to each other within the confines of a single song; I mean, I wasn't happy with Beyonce's performance of James in "Cadillac Records" either, except for that one song. But I came out of that essay with a bit of side-eye going on.

On the other hand, he has turned in the best essay on Buddy Holly I have ever read.

The concept of the book, exactly as advertised on the label -- ten songs, not necessarily "the best" or the most famous or whatever, but ten songs that reach forward and back through the history of post-WW2 popular music -- is, so far, executed perfectly. As in, it makes all chronological discussions seem plodding and unimaginative. This sort of associational thinking and writing is what Marcus is best at, of course. And also the kind I enjoy most when reading about music, which I do a lot. (Probably, as a topic, it is second behind food.)

Next up will probably be "Who We Be" by Jeff Chang, which I have been eagerly anticipating for, oh, a couple years now. Unless I take a break between chunks of nonfiction. We'll see.


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