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October 23rd, 2014next

October 23rd, 2014: GETTING SO EXCITED FOR HALLOWE'EN, you guys. I carved a pumpkin! I called my carving, "Um, Actually, The Constitution-Class Enterprise Never Canonically Encountered The Collective".

– Ryan

Wednesday Reading

Oct. 23rd, 2014 03:24 am
aris_tgd: Lathe of Heaven, quote from Hamlet on bad dreams (Lathe of Heaven bad dreams)
[personal profile] aris_tgd
What are you reading now? The second Fortress book by C.J. Cherryh, because I am predictable! \o/ I'm enjoying it so far. Still an incredible lack of female characters, y'know? It's interesting how expectations for that changed from time of publication to now.

What did you just finish? Uh... nothing I can really point to. I've been kind of alternating between this book and trying to get writing done, so I'm going a little slower than normal.

What will you read next? See above!

I've been working at trying to get my Yuletide signup done and in order. It's tougher than I thought! I haven't really been looking at the tagset or anything up until now. I was going to go to the gym tonight and work on Yuletide tomorrow, but today my coworkers were butts and I needed to drink and eat a sandwich and vent. It was very soothing.

Here, have another meme (stolen from various places:)

Comment with a pairing/moresome/single character and I'll write you at least three sentences of porn for them. I'm totally willing to write fantasizing or wanking, what are you talking about.

Current word count on that "short, easy spite-fic:" 34k. *keyboardsmash*

(no subject)

Oct. 23rd, 2014 01:56 am
staranise: A star anise floating in a cup of mint tea (Default)
[personal profile] staranise
Thoughts on the recent Agents of SHIELD episode (2x05, "A Hen in the Wolf House"):

Spoilers! )

Holidays & Utopia

Oct. 23rd, 2014 08:53 pm
genusshrike: Joanne from The Quiet Earth looking supremely unimpressed (bitch please)
[personal profile] genusshrike
I am back from my holiday in Port Chalmers, where I stayed with Ms Bird and her GF. And had a lovely time. It turns out what I really want in a holiday is to hang out on the beach and look at cool rocks and read and watch classy TV shows like Pokemon (not that much Pokemon).

Now I am back home and I don't have to go back to work till next Tuesday. Yay!


Season 1 of Utopia )

Sing a song of California.

Oct. 23rd, 2014 12:30 am
gorgeousnerd: Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz's heads leaning toward each other. (Default)
[personal profile] gorgeousnerd
1. For those of you not in Avengers circles/not around when it happened: the Age of Ultron teaser trailer leaked - it was supposed to premiere with next week's Agents of SHIELD - and Marvel did the sensible thing and put it up on YouTube. I don't know if I'm going to see it theatrically - I still haven't seen Guardians of the Galaxy, which I wanted to see more - and I'm lightly dressing as Cap for Halloween, so I'm not done with MCU. I'm just not into Avengers, particularly if Joss Whedon's involved.

2. Writing update: I'm posting a fic later today, and it looks like femslashex is going up on Friday. Two stories in two days! I'm hoping to write another story in the next week and post it in the beginning of November (so I don't have to write anything that isn't NaNo/1D Big Bang/1D holiday exchange fic during that month). I was also thinking of writing something Halloweeny, but then I remembered that the fic I'm posting later today has a werewolf. Problem solved!

3. I relistened to Black Parade/Danger Days/Conventional Weapons earlier tonight. Black Parade is still probably the album I'd pick if someone asked me my favorite album, and I enjoyed them all, really. But I was unsettled during the roll call at the beginning of Vampire Money and sad when I realized why - I've been listening to solo Frank and solo Gerard so much lately that it felt weird hearing everyone collectively. I see them as solo artists now.


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Oct. 23rd, 2014 09:32 am
oursin: Brush the Wandering Hedgehog by the fire (Default)
[personal profile] oursin
Happy birthday, [personal profile] chalcedony_cat, [personal profile] diony, and [personal profile] em_h!

Daily Happiness

Oct. 22nd, 2014 11:28 pm
torachan: arale from dr slump dressed in a penguin suit and smiling (arale penguin)
[personal profile] torachan
1. There is an amazing new live version of Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf.

2. We went down to the Promenade this afternoon to look at the new retina iMacs. The difference wasn't as immediately noticeable to me with a large screen as it is with a phone or tablet, but it definitely looks pretty spiffy.

3. We had Trader Joe's pumpkin ravioli tonight for dinner and it was so great! (Sadly, Irene didn't like it, but on the other hand, that means more for me!)

4. I went out to lunch with my mom today and went back to her house afterwards to help with her husband's computer, which turned out to be a much larger/more annoying job than I was expecting. BUT, since it ended up taking so long, she gave me $100 off next month's rent for helping out. (And I did get everything fixed, so yay.)

Children's Books on Death

Oct. 23rd, 2014 01:15 am
ysabetwordsmith: Cartoon of me in Wordsmith persona (Default)
[personal profile] ysabetwordsmith
Here are some children's books about death. This season is a good time to open a topic that everyone needs to know about, in ways that are not too scary.

One of my favorites is The Hobbit. It's not primarily about death, but it has a lot of very thoughtful ideas about mortality and the utter foolishness of war. Among my best-loved bits is the parting between Thorin and Bilbo:

"Farewell, good thief," he said. "I go now to the halls of waiting to sit beside my fathers, until the world is renewed. Since I leave now all gold and silver, and go where it is of little worth, I wish to part in friendship from you, and I would take back my words and deeds at the Gate."

"There is more in you of good than you know, child of the kindly West. Some courage and some wisdom, blended in measure. If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. But sad or merry, I must leave it now. Farewell!"

-- Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

muccamukk: Rose half hiding behind her scarf, looking hopeful.Text: "Pretty please?" (DW: Please?)
[personal profile] muccamukk posting in [community profile] femslashex
Could everyone please check the e-mails on all their accounts? We still have one assignment that has been posted to the community but not linked to the recipient (as well as other issues). Mods have tried leaving comments on the work and e-mailing the listed contact info, but have not heard back. If it's possible that this is your sock using an e-mail you don't regularly check, could you look it up and get back to us? Alternately, check for comments on your posted assignment.

Thank you for your time.

Otherwise, fest is on schedule, and we're still expecting it to open Friday at 5pm (PDT).

Inktober 21 & 22 - Project days

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:47 pm
spacerobotcrew: A text icon with the words Spacerobot Crew over a deep blue starry background (Default)
[personal profile] spacerobotcrew
Tiny update to say that the last two days of Inktober have been spent doing Project days working a bit on the latest batch of shrinky dinks. Getting them all properly cut out and hole-punched takes a long time, and it is a huge batch I am working on! :) So no drawings, but I am sticking to my plan of doing a bit of my own art stuff every day. Haven't had a ton of time the last two days due to various things, but I am still working on my art stuff. And only two more days of work until my week off! So excited!


Wednesday Reading

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:22 pm
torachan: karkat from homestuck headdesking (karkat headdesk)
[personal profile] torachan
What are you currently reading?
Still reading the Levi backstory, Kuinaki Sentaku. I'm about halfway through the second (and final? I don't think it's ongoing) volume. I'm...enjoying it less than I thought it would? I mean, it's okay, but I just feel like it's not really doing anything. I had planned to read Before the Fall as well, but I wonder if the reason it feels like there's not much there is that Isayama didn't write it and so they can't really dig into anything interesting. If that's the case, Before the Fall will probably be the same...

What did you recently finish reading?
I finished reading the main story of SnK up through the most recent chapter and DAMN THIS IS GETTING SO GOOD.

What do you think you'll read next?
As I mentioned the other day, Irene's rewatch of Akira had me wanting to check out the manga, so I might read that next! Although last time I checked, my phone was pretty full, so I'm not sure that I've read and deleted enough stuff that was on there to have space... ^_^;; I should probably read more of what's already on there.

Saw Elise; the cat is doing better

Oct. 22nd, 2014 10:00 pm
redbird: tea being poured into a cup (cup of tea)
[personal profile] redbird
I had talked to [personal profile] elisem on Monday about getting together again today, and last night she proposed that we both go visit Soren, as we had on Monday. He said "any time after noon," though I was skeptical after getting an email from him this morning that he had sent at 3:30 a.m. Nonetheless, I took the bus up to his neighborhood, had clams at Ivar's, and then walked over to his apartment. No answer; since the doorbell is hooked up to the phone, I left a message. Then I heard from Elise; Soren had told her "not feeling well, give me an hour" more than an hour earlier. She was worried, and a neighbor let me into the building, so I went up and knocked, loudly. Soren was sleepy and not up for company, but there was nothing seriously wrong, so I got back on the bus and met Elise in Fremont. We hung out a while in a burger restaurant while she had lunch and I drank iced tea, then walked for a bit, back to where she is staying. There was good conversation, again much of it about Velma ([personal profile] roadnotes.

Also, I posted about Velma's death and notifying people on the "I need a hug" section of the Friends of Captain Awkward site, using real names in the post because it was easier than inventing pseudonyms. I got a PM this morning from someone who knew Velma from a fountain pen forum, asking "I hope not, but is that the same Velma?" I've also gotten a Faceboorequest for Soren's email address from someone who says he's an old friend of theirs—I replied and asked him for a non-Facebook address Soren can reach him at—and a very ill-timed FB friend request on Sunday from an ex of hers, which I hope is coincidence rather than some sort of vulturine response to the bad news.

Meanwhile, our cat [livejournal.com profile] julian_tiger has gotten very good at not taking pills, and had almost no appetite yesterday. (He was trying, but after a few nibbles of chicken sausage he had that "I want to be hungry for that" look.) This morning I tried him on bell pepper (again, he ate a little and clearly wanted to be hungry for more) and then plain yogurt. He was happy to lick some off my finger, then licked the bowl, so I gave him another tablespoonful. Then, on a hunch, I offered him some peach jam. Happy cat! He asked for seconds, and thirds, and fourths.

I found clementines at the supermarket this morning, and he was happy to help me with one. OK, he wants soft/moist things, and we're back in "orange food for orange cats." I bought salmon and a sweet potato for dinner. He was very happy to help us with them, in larger quantities than we would normally give him, which is a relief, because the vet confirmed that he can't live on just yogurt and fruit, he needs protein. Rationally, "orange food for orange cats" is as silly a basis for a menu as basing it on blood type, but everything there except maybe the peach jam is something I already knew he liked. We are much more optimistic than we were 24 hours ago, and I have at least enough cooked fish left to give him healthy treats tomorrow.

Ah Me, Life.

Oct. 23rd, 2014 04:13 pm
splodgenoodles: (Default)
[personal profile] splodgenoodles
Here I am having one of those afternoons I crave, in which there are no demands or great stressors, and my health is steady enough, so theoretically I should be able to engage in a few things I *wish* to do.

Man, having choice over what one does with one's time is really quite burdensome, isn't it? I'm useless without a to-do list, useless without a deadline.

And this is in spite of the fact that these days I do have quite a stable(but realistic) daily plan that requires little mental effort and keeps me presentable.
taiga13: by jackshoemaker (Little Red Riding Hood)
[personal profile] taiga13 posting in [community profile] poetry
 Here is consequence, folding its wings
on the fence. Here are your chances. After years
of moving whatever you do
from one place to another in the manner
that constitutes your work, you have to admit
you know what you think. About tonight
not so much fallen as struggling to its feet, gorgeous
in spite of what it's done to you. All
is forgiven. The loneliness composed on the road, after hours,
off-shift, out of it, or left behind, the vindictive
clairvoyance of local law enforcement, protracted
incidents represented by lacunae in your resume,
strategic negotiations pursuant to the project
of getting the fuck out of there, or making
the best of being stuck where you were,
in those rooms now creaking in a forest of outlived rooms
recalled as eras are recalled, their outmoded fixtures
and period costumes, motes afloat
in parallelograms of windowlight. Who are you?
What of you persists? Your life is built on intervals
the way a chord is, on changes that alter you
by thirds, by fifths, in silences the progression climbs
to where each song ends, and the next begins.

There's analysis of the poem here.
[syndicated profile] muddycolors_feed

Posted by Donato

-by Donato

I wish I had more time to write these images up, but I am working tonight on a portrait and need to keep going while the surface is wet.  These photos are fairly self explanatory, and I apologize for not that many oil progress shots,  as once I get working in color, I hate to stop.

Initial lay in of figures and composition in graphite.  Note the reference for the previous painting of RiverRun still on my drafting table.

Final drawing - very simple and rough due to the limited time constraints on this image.  Less than two weeks remained to finish this image and color check the other paintings before the deadline.

Sealing the drawing with Acrylic Mat Medium.

Acrylic washes to establish tone and movement, as well as the patterns created from the twisting swords.

Up on the drafting table, ready for oils.

First pass on the background/swords in oils.  Flying fast with the paint here!
Development of the figures in oil paint and mediums.  Note subtle modifications/changes of the figures from the references into the final oil painting.  They are more suggestions, than concrete sources of information.
Final Art: 'Forging the Iron Throne',  30" x 30", Oil and Oil Mediums on Panel, 2014

Wednesday linkspam

Oct. 22nd, 2014 11:40 pm
next_to_normal: Tony, kinda beat up, in the Iron Man suit (Tony Stark)
[personal profile] next_to_normal
* Avengers: Age of Ultron official trailer! I am... kinda underwhelmed, actually? I mean, it's all epic and angsty and apocalyptic, and I'm sure it'll be great, but what I have always loved best about the MCU films is the humor and fun.

* Speaking of superhero stories that lay off the angst, The Flash has been picked up for a full season. It's lighthearted without being lightweight, and I am really enjoying it so far.

* Oh god, someone made a chart of all the superhero movies coming out in the next six years. It's... a lot.

* LOL RDJ now owns the gigantic "A" from Stark Tower in The Avengers.

* Adrianne Palicki talks about her appearance on Agents of SHIELD, plus photos of her in her new Mockingbird costume.

* Allison Janney looks back at some of the highlights of her career.

* Tatiana Maslany on Broadway OMG.

* These Game of Thrones photos mean little to me, since I haven't read the books, but apparently it means big changes?

* Lots of new photos from the Into the Woods movie, plus an interview with Anna Kendrick.

* The Bridge will not be getting a third season.

* A memory expert weighs in on the conflicting POVs of The Affair's unreliable narrators.

* The New Yorker profiles Billy Joel, whom I still love after all these years. He was a favorite of my parents, and I grew up on his music, and it was some of the first popular music I learned to play on the piano.


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