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The Nephews are downstairs atm watching some kind of tv, I think. We're kind of stuck on what we can do with them right now for Reasons

Kid-related medical TMI! )

So, no play place, no going to the gym... we could take them out to the park I guess!

Yesterday we went out for Canada Day - we had lunch at a really good Mediterranean place (um maybe Lebanese, I'm not 100% sure), and then went to Marble Slab with some coupons. The coupons were for two regular and two small ice creams - Longpig and I got the regulars, kids got the smalls, and [personal profile] wererogue used a different coupon for a milkshake. The smalls were.... not small. They both had BRIGHT BLUE cotton candy ice cream with various mix-ins (sprinkles, marshmallows, gummy bears - Nugsy also had reeces pieces), and Bubby's, in particular, leaked allllllll over. It was adorable! But hella messy! Thanks the the random dad who stopped by and gave us some wipes - we wad napkins and water but I'm not convinced they would have helped @_@ Next time I think we're going to see if they have kid cones :p None of us had dinner after that.

Anyway, that was not what I was going to say! I was going to complain about how I have not had any more interviews and don't generally know what to do with my life :p Because of the Reasons above, I don't want to leave Longpig alone with the kids to deal with stuff on her own, so I'm not going to go out to the temping agency like I had planned until that is all resolved. Likewise, I want to go sort out driving license type things, once I figure out where to do that, but not until this is resolved :/

I wish I had a good way that I could make a little money doing something online, or from home, but I don't have any good ideas. I could try and write, I suppose, but I don't know what I would write, I don't have any good ideas for original fic lately. I'm kind of stalled waiting for character input and comments on the bigger fic I was writing, so I have been doing drabbles, but I wish I had something more in-depth to occupy my brain. I suppose I could start something anyway, but I feel kind of guilty not writing original stuff that I could see because, again, money >.> The only things that have been poking my brain lately though are too long - I wold kind of like to resurrect the story-world I did for the three-day novel I wrote aaaages ago, because that was basically an introduction to what could in theory be a real novel. Except I'm not convinced I'm organized enough to write a real novel, or that I could actually draw something out, or that I could finish it a: ever or b: in any kind of useful time frame.

Well, [personal profile] curtana did just link me a story contest for a short Lovecraft story thing, though it pays in B&N giftcards, not actual moneys. It could be a good distraction, at least!

I feel like I had more to say, but instead I think I am going to go investigate lunch possibilities and think about a plot >.>

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jul. 2nd, 2015 11:17 am
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Hey, EED community!

Here is your daily exercise check-in post! Hope everyone is having a great day!


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From Daredevil (2012) #7. Art by Paolo Rivera. Shareable, alterable, creditable, etc.

Antonin Scalia has strong opinions

Jul. 2nd, 2015 08:51 am
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Yes, yes, we all knew about equal marriage, but it turns out he hates hotels, too. Really. In an otherwise straightforward Supreme Court case about whether hotels could be required to turn check-in information over to the police without a warrant, Scalia had this to say:

Justice Antonin Scalia, writing for the minority, disagreed, describing hotels as “an obvious haven for those who trade in human misery.” Such places, he inveighed, “provide housing to vulnerable transient populations” and “are a particularly attractive site for criminal activity ranging from drug dealing and prostitution to human trafficking.” They offer “privacy and anonymity on the cheap,” have been “employed as prisons for migrants” and served as “rendezvous sites where child sex workers meet their clients on threat of violence.”

(The law was overturned, 5-4.)

addendum to yesterday

Jul. 2nd, 2015 08:48 am
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But if it *was* the same story, it would be called "East End Story." I will let you imagine the rest, choreography and all.
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Any child’s death is heartbreaking, but there is something uniquely poignant about the way in which dozens of U.S. youngsters die each year: trapped in an oven-like vehicle on a quiet summer day. “That pain is every day. It’s always there,” one grief-stricken mother told CNN seven years after she inadvertently left her 9-month-old baby in her car. Close to 400 children have died across the nation over the last decade in this tragic way.

You don’...<br /><a href="http://www.wunderground.com/blog/JeffMasters/comment.html?entrynum=3032">Read More</a>

The Big Idea: S.K. Dunstall

Jul. 2nd, 2015 02:28 pm
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Posted by John Scalzi

There’s what we know, and what we used to know — and sometimes the latter might be more valuable than the former. What does this have to do with the new novel, Linesman? S.K. Dunstall, the author(s), is ready to explain.


Two images—neither of which made it into Linesman —were precursors to this book.

In the first, we read about an early Comdex or Macworld exhibition where the first Apple Mac was on show. An old man stopped to look at the Mac. He picked up the mouse and moved it in front of the screen to see what would happen. Not surprisingly, nothing did, for this was an early generation trackball mouse that you had to roll along the desk.

The two young guys manning the booth laughed and laughed. For they ‘knew’ the complex, intricate, not-really-natural ways you had to move the mouse around on the desk to make something happen on the screen.

You know what? That old man had the last laugh, for nowadays we use touch screens, which is a lot closer to what he was trying than it is to moving a piece of plastic around perpendicular to the surface.

The second thing that inspired us was an article about old ways of healing which had fallen into disfavour but were coming back, because there was a scientific basis in their use and they worked.  Maggot therapy, where a diabetic woman’s heel became infected and she was close to having her foot amputated. The doctor went along with her request to use live maggots onto the infected skin to eat the necrotic flesh.  It saved her foot. Leeches, used as far back as Ancient Egypt, which are nowadays sometimes used to drain blood from limbs after reconstructive surgery, particularly in places were blood clots form easily.

It was the article on maggots that got us talking one night after dinner (we’d finished eating by then). The old techniques—like the maggots and leeches—are still dismissed by most medical practitioners. Humans don’t look back much. We like to look forward. Unfortunately, it means we lose a lot of knowledge that we once had.

Out of that dinner came one idea that stuck. How little we know and how much we have lost.

More, what if we didn’t know it to start with?

For example, we have no idea what the statues on Easter Island were built for. We can make educated guesses, but we’ll never know for certain. The only people who do know are the people who built them.

History is littered with artefacts we can only guess about.

Take it even further. What if the artefact wasn’t of human origin?

What if the first humans in space found an alien spaceship? A sentient alien spaceship?

Would they recognise it for what it was?

Probably not. Especially not if humans had been slowly expanding outwards on old generation ships that they had cannibalised over the years so they were nothing like the original ships.  They had lost contact with Earth a long time ago.  If the ship was abandoned, how were they to know it was alien? And how could the ship communicate with them, for it wasn’t built to interact with humans?

Going back to our Apple exhibition. Who is more likely to finally communicate with the ship? The two young guys who ‘knew’ that you had to roll the mouse along the table? Or the old man who waved the mouse in front of the screen?

Better yet, a child, still young enough not to question an alien ship talking to her, still young enough to listen when the ‘lines’ on the ship spoke to her.

That young girl was Gila Havortian, and she opened the way to the stars. Instead of travelling at sub-light speed, taking years to get to other worlds, humans learned to clone the lines of the alien ship and jump through the void to get from one place to another instantaneously. They gained instant communication within sectors of space.

Humanity expanded, and was still expanding five hundred years later.

But …

In five hundred years the initial knowledge of what the ship could do—small as it was—would be lost as people discover new ways to use the technology.  Like maggots as medicine, we find better ways to do things.

At the start of Linesman, line ships underpin the galactic economy.  The small number of humans who can ‘feel’ the lines and mend them are in high demand.  Especially the tens, who can fix the full set of ten lines.  Higher level linesmen are contracted to cartel houses and work from there.

Then humans find another alien ship.

Enter Ean, who came into the cartels late and is mostly self-taught. Even though he’s a certified ten, he is more akin to the old man holding the mouse up to the screen than he is to the young kids who ‘know’ what to do because they’ve been shown.


Linesman: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | IndieBound | Powell’s

Read an excerpt. Visit the authors’ site. Read their blog. Follow them on Twitter.

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Second-last day in Toronto! Plans are for us to meet Cow, Ginny, [dreamwidth.org profile] shiroiko, and Kas for lunch (Hakka! My first time having it!), go back to Ginlandia for the afternoon so, uh, everyone else can help her pack and I can work, and then going back out to Chinatown for dinner. Nom! (And then, depending on the time, hopefully more work.)

I don't think I've had more than one or two full nights of sleep since we got to Toronto, mostly because I keep waking up before my alarm. (Or, the night before last, because [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose was out with our most gourmand friend, who's been waiting literally years for us to say, "Okay, choose whatever restaurant you want and [dreamwidth.org profile] scruloose will go with you, no questions asked" [apparently it was INCREDIBLE, and also not at all my thing. There was a lot of pigs' blood involved], and then we had to get up early to go to Ajax for wedding ceremony #2. ^_^)

So here, have another round of linkspam:

Signal Boost

Melinda Beasi, who's responsible for Manga Bookshelf, is also a voice and theater teacher at Act Too Studio, which is currently fundraising via Indiegogo: Act Too Studio Opera Workshop: The Medium. Melinda (disclaimer: who's a friend of mine) is dedicated to and passionate about her work, and if you've had any contact with her, you probably know she's generally awesome and always doing awesome things. So if you feel so inclined, chip in to support teenagers singing opera!

On a similar note: I linked this last week, but ICYMI, Sparkler Monthly Magazine is Kickstarting their third year!


[dreamwidth.org profile] trope_bingo sign-ups are open, with some changes from previous rounds: "We have one main list of 75 tropes that will be the base list, but since many people had issues with working with AU and Kink type tropes we broke them into short add on lists instead of including them in the main list. There is also an add on list for the visual arts inclined, all of these short lists are optional, take them or leave them as suits you. How you use them is up to you as well. / We are also allowing more tropes to be opted out of this round. You can opt out of no more than 12, yes one dozen, tropes. Keep in mind that that the more you cut, the less choices there are for your card but at 62 there shouldn't be any repeats on a 25 space card.".

At ANN: "Avengers: Age of Ultron Episode 0 1-Shot Manga's Main Color Visual Posted". Yes, that is indeed a manga prequel to AoU.

Jason Thompson is wrapping up his "House of 1000 Manga column at ANN after five years of writing it with Shaenon Garrity, and lists ten of his favorite manga titles that he reviewed. (Garrity posted her farewell and list of ten favorites last week.)

(Have you read her post about Basara? Amazing manga.)

I haven't seen Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (yet?), so I haven't read [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay's post about it. But based on [dreamwidth.org profile] sovay's other film/TV posts, it'll be well worth reading. (Did you know she has a film-review Patreon? She does!)

[dreamwidth.org profile] firecat has posted not one but two link roundups for Mad Max: Fury Road. (Spoilers.)

[dreamwidth.org profile] metaphortunate made a thoughtful post on Fury Road the other day.

"Classic shojo manga Kodomo no Omocha getting first new chapter in 17 years".

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] yohjideranged, , there's going to be a two-part live-action film adaptation of Chihayafuru. (Which I haven't read yet, but [dreamwidth.org profile] shiroiko tells me I really should.)

Torontoist's "Reel Toronto" column tracks down various shooting locations for season 3 of Orphan Black. (Some spoilers, of course.) "The show has a rather convoluted relationship with Toronto. It’s been broadly implied we’re in the city and you can see Ontario plates and Canadian money and yet they never say it outright and many locations are not at all what they’re supposed to be. For example, the first season established that suburbanite Alison lives in the fictional neighbourhood of “Bailey Downs,” ostensibly in Scarborough. The filming location, however, has been the Angus Glen neighbourhood of Markham." (Yeah, I remember Ginny's reaction when the show claimed that was Scarborough. *g* I kinda wonder if they used "Scarborough" entirely so they could say "Scarberia".)

[Speaking of chameleon!Toronto, the article also mentions "We’ve seen the historic Schmidt-Dalziel barn in a couple of things recently, including last season’s Hannibal. (It’s sometimes accessible during Doors Open and it’s, like, one of the biggest Pennsylvania-style barns in North America so check it out, if you’re into barns and stuff!) This lovely house is on the same property.".]


[dreamwidth.org profile] rmc28 is looking for Book/comic recommendations for 8-9 year olds.

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] muccamukk: "an index of Ta-Nehisi Coates' posts on the US Civil War and Reconstruction, from 2008 to present". (Shamelessly copying [dreamwidth.org profile] muccamukk's link text.)

Via [dreamwidth.org profile] giandujakiss, "Revamped Bubble Wrap Loses Its Pop". End of an era, y'all. "Sealed Air, maker of the iconic packaging material, is rolling out a new flat version to cut down on the high costs of shipping air." [WSJ link, so the full article isn't accessible to non-subscribers.]

"6 Well-Known Health Tips (That Don't Work At All)". [Cracked.com]

"37 People Who Are Worse At Cooking Than You". (We have a friend who's guilty of #19. Lookin' at you, Chaos. [Who doesn't read this.])

At the Mary Sue: "It’s Harder Than It Should Be to Have a Socially Conscious Cell Phone".
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Hello on Thursday!  What kind of a writing day has it been today -- or yesterday, if today hasn't gotten going yet?
  •     I thought about my fic once or twice
  •     I wrote
  •     I did some planning and/or research
  •     I edited
  •     I've sent my fic off to my beta
  •     I posted today!
  •     I'm taking a break
  •     I did something else that I'll talk about in a comment
Discussion:  One thing that keeps me from spending time with my fic is a quarterly newsletter I have to produce for my work.  How much writing do you do as part of your Real Life work?

Books read, Jan-Jun 2015

Jul. 2nd, 2015 09:40 am
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Thought it might be fun to post this.

25 books, mostly SF/F & science/medicine nonfiction, mostly by women )

Happy to talk about any of them if you want to.

(no subject)

Jul. 2nd, 2015 09:32 am
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I haven't even been up for an hour, and I'm already cursing Scott (he's at work, so he, of course, has no idea). There's a pile of stuff on the couch next to where I usually sit. In that pile, I had some important papers that I really, really needed to deal with today (I should have dealt with them a week or even two ago but anxiety). Scott rearranged the pile, pulling out two of the three important papers. The third one is completely gone. I've gone through every bit of the pile, and it simply is not there. It, of course, is the one bit I can't do anything without. The other two are replaceable. The Social Security forms would require some hoop jumping to get again, but I could do it.

The most likely place for the missing paper to be, assuming Scott didn't put it somewhere 'safe' is under the couch. I still can't go down on my knees without really hurting my ankle, so I can't look. I'll have to get Cordelia to look when she finally emerges from her room around noon. I wanted to get this dratted thing into the mail around 10:00.

On the bright side, my ankle seems to have recovered from last weekend. Now I have to figure out how much walking I can do without hurting it and do that much every day. I want to be able to walk to and from the bus by the end of the summer. I don't think that's an unreasonable goal.

I haven't heard anything further from my sister. I wish she did email so that I could talk to her that way. She does Facebook, but I'm not on there, and she has asked everyone to avoid talking about the breast cancer there. Calling her doesn't really work either because she never, ever answers her phone. It always goes to voice mail. She does, sometimes, call back, so maybe I should call her anyway. I know it's too soon for her to have the genetic test results, but I'm wondering if she's had the MRI yet.

I'm a little worried that our dishwasher might be dying. It's twelve years old. The last load of dishes, some of the stuff on the top shelf didn't get clean at all. The plastic stuff was fine, but all of the ceramic stuff had a coating of grit stuck to it. I couldn't see it, but I could feel it. The stuff on the bottom seems to have come out fine, at least.

We can't afford to replace the dishwasher, and it's not necessary enough for us to feel justified in taking more money from Cordelia's Social Security. Scott's suggestion is that, if it really is dying, we start hand washing dishes and using the dishwasher as a drying rack.

I'm not enthusiastic about this, in general, but a lot of my concerns are annoyance level things (like the fact that, to use the dishwasher as a drying rack, I will have to swap which parts of the sink I use for washing and rinsing. We have two basins, and all of my life, I have used the left one for washing and the right one for rinsing. The dishwasher is to the left of the sink, so washing on the right and rinsing on the left make considerably more sense). The thing that isn't annoyance level is the time that will be involved in dish washing. Scott doesn't have it, and my ankle may not tolerate it. That leaves Cordelia to wash dishes.

Scott did not end up working late last night, but he was playing phone tag with the guy from HR at the place he interviewed for yesterday. Scott waited for a return call until about 5:30 then got in the shower. Naturally, the guy called back shortly after that. We missed the call because Scott always, always, keeps the ringer off on his cell phone. It the thing had actually rung, I could have answered it and gotten Scott to take the call. I don't think he'd actually turned on the water at that point.

Somehow or another, it was past 7:00 by the time Scott emerged from the bathroom. I didn't really register the time, unfortunately for me. Scott didn't start looking at what to grill until some time later. He was hoping to make turkey burgers but discovered that we don't have any pre-made. We do have some ground turkey, but we didn't have time to do something with that last night. Scott decided to grill some crab legs. He got them on the table at about 8:05 by which time I couldn't safely eat them, not if I wanted to go to bed on time.

If I'd been paying attention to the time, I'd have gotten myself food at 7:30 rather than waiting for Scott. I don't know what I'd have eaten; we seem to be low on easily prepared things. I would have found something. As it was, I still had to eat in order to take my evening medications, but all I dared have was some plain bread. Even margarine would have been risky, so I didn't put any on.

I'm thinking to set myself a time warning on my laptop to notify me when it's, say, 7:15, so that this doesn't happen again. I don't hate the foods that are bland enough to be safe after 8:00. It's just frustrating to be eating bread when everybody else is eating crab.

Buffy season 2 eps 1 & 2

Jul. 2nd, 2015 02:04 pm
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I got a letter about ESA right after I posted about ESA. It said I needed to send a bunch of bits of paper, which I already had done, and if I already had done it said to phone. So I used the phone and the phone lady said to ignore the letter cause it takes like 2 weeks to process stuff. I sent it on the 21st and they reckoned processed by 9th? That's a long times. But the phone lady said it was okay, no problem, ignore letter. I shall hope she is correct.

So after that I've been sitting and rocking while trying to do anything :eyeroll:

I watched a couple episodes of Buffy season 2. The discs seem to have gone wrong a bit, there's black stripes all over it? And like 3D blur double edges on a lot of things? 3D Buffy would be kind of cool. This, however, is not. I fiddled with all the settings on the TV and player and nothing changed the problem, so I guess I have to put up with it. Unhelpful.
Did I hear the newer DVDs changed the framing to pretend they were 16:9 ? Because that would be Not Cool.
But watching them with stripes and blurs isn't cool either.

I kept on finding myself with my hands over my ears, because apparently today having the sound on is Too Much. Helpful. So I turned the sound right down, which at least was more relaxing for my arms. I probably miss subtleties that way though. I know the subtitles aren't 100% . Giles in particular uses big words quickly and has a tendency to get simplified. I don't know how often, I could study that, I'm sure it woudl be useful to crit subtitles of a 1997 show.

"When she was bad" I had few thoughts about. Long long fight scenes. Weird long view of the classroom at the end, went on for like a whole minute with tacky music and no lines. How short did this episode come in?

"Some Assembly Required" bothers me on a disability level. Read more... )

Giles remains my favourite and I can and will overthink his love life at length.

New music!

Jul. 2nd, 2015 07:54 am
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I waste spend a lot of time thinking about my music collection, as apparently I never own enough. With the advent of purchasing individual MP3s, I've gotten both worse and better. Worse because it's a lot easier to browse music online, and find more and more and more. (Bandcamp, I am looking at you! In fact, I do plan to look/listen at you during my vacation week.) Better because I don't buy as many full albums; if I only really really want two songs, then I have saved money.

Going to the gym, and having an MP3 player that I can carry anywhere, has also aimed me more towards buying a variety of individual songs as opposed to full albums, unless those full albums fit my purpose (mostly gym) throughout. I listen to songs more in the gym than anywhere else, these days. This biases me towards things that work for me when I'm working out: steady beats, heavy beats, things that are fast or have drive, variety of styles to keep me from getting bored.

Soundcloud streams "Lydia" by Highly Suspect, which is one of the songs I just bought. It's probably too slow for the elliptical, but might be good for weightlifting.

I am hoping this will keep me going on the elliptical: Plan B - Pa'l Piso ft. Yandel (on YouTube).

I also bought a bunch of Nicki Minaj and songs by The Do, Lolo, Doomtree, Courtney Barnett, Lolawolf, and Marina and the Diamonds from the new album, Froot. Yay new music!


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