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May. 30th, 2016 01:05 pm
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Hi guys,

I don't even know if I should just tell people to assume I won't be around unless I say otherwise, because wtf is 2016, seriously. I was rear-ended on the freeway a bit over a week ago, and I've sprained my neck and had a concussion and my car's been totaled ): , so RP/reading is pretty beyond me right now.

Hopefully I'll be back at some point soonish.

If you want to thread with someone specifically (Chuck, Legolas, Clint, Sebastian) please let me know and I'll try to bring them in first or we can set up fake OOMs if you are cool for extreme slowtime.

(But also, if we have a fake OOM, please link me because I can't find anything.)
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Posted by boyhowdy

Our ongoing (Re)Covered series finds us touting new and newly uncovered releases from folk, roots, bluegrass and acoustic artists previously celebrated here on Cover Lay Down. Today, we delve into the mailbag with news and new coverage from “new primitive” songwriter Allysen Callery, tradfolk reinventionist Coty Hogue, orchestral folk artist Amber Rubarth, Vancouver crooner Rein Jamieson, YouTube fave Juliana Richer Daily, and beloved local folksinger and friend Mark Erelli taking on REM, Prince, Gordon Lightfoot, Fleetwood Mac, Elliott Smith, Leonard Cohen, The 1975, the Appalachian canon and more!

Allysen Callery – a self-taught New England rising star and fingerpicker whose website proudly and accurately describes her oeuvre as “quiet music for a loud world” – first popped up on our radar in 2013, thanks to a “haunting recast” of one-time Single Song Sunday standard Long Black Veil that offered apt comparison to the very best of Sandy Denny. Since then, Callery’s star has continued to rise as her canon grows; her delicate will-o-the-wisp reinventions have featured in two consecutive year’s end “Best Of” mixtapes, we shared her recent, perfect take on Marissa Nadler in February of this year as part of our celebration of Volume 3 of Red Line Roots’ Locals Covering Locals series; we loved her tiny, precious 2014 UK folk radio session, and we’re working to get her in for a Unity House Concert soon. New CD The Song the Songbird Sings, with its ringing echoes of the 60′s British psychedelic folk revival, offers perfect proof of why we’re so thrilled to hear more, with tightly crafted, elegantly performed originals and a stunning Gordon Lightfoot cover that holds us close with dark urgency in a frozen wasteland.

It’s been 4 years since we featured American roots singer-songwriter and banjo player Coty Hogue, a fave of Alice Gerrard and others in the neotrad countryfolk school, on the release of her live album When We Get To Shore, a mostly-covers-and-traditionals album performed in front of a studio audience with fellow Bellingham musicians Aaron Guest (vocals/guitar) and Kat Bula (fiddle/vocals); since then, she’s been pretty quiet, other than a few live-tracked solo YouTube releases well worth passing along. But Hogue is back with Flight, a brand new release featuring the same core trio of players plus guest appearances from Cover Lay Down fave bluegrass duo Molly Tuttle and John Mailander and IBMA multiple award winning bass player Missy Raines, and it’s a revelation, with intimate, lightly grassy takes on Fleetwood Mac and Lucinda Williams, a tight, joyous live sound, and a fine set of catchy, fluid compositions and arrangements perfect for a gentle morning pick-me-up porch session.

Though still primarily known in and around his native Vancouver, singer-songwriter Reid Jamieson is a frequent flyer here at Cover Lay Down thanks to a grinning, gorgeous way with the songs of others and an especially prolific penchant towards interpretation: he’s previously published an album of Elvis songs and dozens of single-shot coverage tracks; in 2011, we offered his tribute to the songs of 1969, recorded for his wife’s birthday, as a release-day exclusive.

Reido’s newest homage Dear Leonard: The Cohen Collection takes on the songs of Leonard Cohen lovingly and gleefully, and we’ve been stuck on it since it dropped in March. Like most of his work, it is deceptively light; the intros hit like Caribbean elevator music, and Reido’s husky tenor is sweet and plaintive as always. But there’s a huge diversity here, and something truly triumphant about the brightening of sound in songs like Suzanne, which tingles with robust steel drum rhythms and spousal harmonies, the driving countrified romp of Tower Of Song, and Hey That’s No Way To Say Goodbye, which gets turned on it’s ear, transforming the somber, pensive original into a bright and upbeat trainsong, chugging along light and lively with perfect layers of overdubbed harmony, gentle guitars and brushes. Elsewhere, ukes, brushes, and fiddle hold sway, adding flourishes and finishing touches to a sweet, sweet EP from somewhere under the sunniest of cowboy skies.

Screen Shot 2016-05-30 at 3.11.47 PMAmber Rubarth came to our attention via a 2011 collaboration with Threeds, an oboe trio whose mellow Little Feat cover still offers solace in our darkest days. Now, ten years into a career ready to explode, the award-winning small-town California-born, weary-yet-clear-voiced singer-songwriter comes back to us with Scribbled Folk Symphonies, a nuanced and richly orchestrated singer-songwriter’s tour de force, featuring apt and adept plucked string quartet urgencies under soaring-air vocals on REM standard Losing My Religion and self-effacing Elliott Smith fave I Didn’t Understand, and we’ve been hooked since its April release. Rubarth is already crowdsourcing next album Wildflowers In The Graveyard, a slightly more conventional contemporary popfolk guitarslinger’s lyric-driven, high-production collection of songs written around the theme of renewal and ripe for a big autumn release; support it for previews and more, check out her new covertracks plus an older but no less warm and wonderful Carter Family cover below, and then purchase Scribbled Folk Symphonies to steep in an album that already stands as one of the great folk albums of 2016.

Though our recent 15-track tribute to Prince made no claim to comprehensiveness, it would be even harder now; since the artist’s passing last month, musicians from across the artistic genre map have come forth to pay their own tribute, and several new favorites have emerged – including a fine live take on signature song Purple Rain from prolific Boston-based singer-songwriter Mark Erelli, recorded at a recent album-release party at Club Passim, and released via his long-standing and always-worth-checking Mp3 of the Month series. Add in a previous month’s live take on Blake Mills’ Don’t Tell Our Friends About Me, and you can see why we’re such big fans of Erelli, whose sideman work with Lori McKenna and Paula Cole and continued work as both a solo artist and a member of newgrass supergroup Barnstar! continue to earn him duly deserved accolades on and beyond the coffeehouse circuit, and whose new, clear-as-a-bell album For A Song is currently sweeping the folk charts on the strength of its stunning countryfolk title track.

Finally, for the popfolk set: Upstate New Yorker and YouTube amateur Juliana Daily, whose versatile, sweet and intimate voice we’ve featured regularly on these pages, took top honors for Best Coverfolk Video Series in our 2015 round-up on the strength of a lovely set of living-room covers recorded in support of a Kickstarter album; here she is back again to prove her chops with an aching, wonderfully sparse one-guitar, multiple-voice take on an alt-rock tune-turned-ballad with Bryce Merritt that benefits from tight production, earnest performance, and a hint of whimsy.

[Fic] And Like A River Continues

May. 30th, 2016 04:05 pm
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Cross-post from my archive.

Fandom/Arc: Star Driver, Triskelion
Characters/Pairings: Agemaki Wako, Gouda Tetsuya, Honda George, Katashiro Ryousuke, Miyabi Reiji, Nichi Kate, Okamoto Midori, Shinada Benio, Shindou Sugata, Simone Aragon, Tsunashi Takuto, Wako/Sugata/Takuto, Watanabe Kanako
Summary: The anime's ending leaves a great deal up in the air; this story takes up some of those loose threads. Picks up immediately after the end and throws everyone a little further into the future.
Meta: Drama, I-3
Wordcount: 9045

"Takuto is with him," Wako said firmly, eyes fixed on the sky. "They'll be all right." Takuto's look had promised her that, in that long, silent moment of fierce understanding they'd shared before she'd agreed to break the southern seal. And she was going to hold them both to that promise, if she had to regenerate Wauna and go up there herself to make sure of it!

And Like A River Continues )
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Posted by Susan Cox

Brazilians protest in front of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro
Brazilian women protest in front of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro after the gang-rape of a 16-year-old girl (AFP Photo/Vanderlei Almeida)

Protests erupted in several Brazilian cities over the weekend in outrage over the gang rape of a 16-year-old girl in Rio De Janeiro. The gang rape was amplified online as photo and video of the assault was posted to social media and replicated thousands of times over with every view, click, “like,” and misogynistic comment celebrating the men’s actions and declaring the girl had “been asking for it.”

Hundreds of women gathered in Rio calling for an end to the “culture of rape,” which incited the event and allowed it to spread through the fetid swamp of Internet misogyny.

Rio Police have arrested the first of more than 30 suspects in the gang rape, and have identified three more. The Globe and Mail reports that, counter to the initial narrative, which reported that the girl was likely a victim of one of Rio’s drug gangs, the suspects identified are actually “‘regular guys’ — one was until recently a camera operator at a local television station, another is a promising football player for a local team and the son of an evangelical pastor.”

Feminist writer Stephanie Ribeiro identified the problem as the normalization of female sexual violation:

“Violence against women in Brazil is so normalized that 30 men not only rape: They take pictures, joke around and post on social networks gloating about their crime. Before you say we don’t have rape culture — think about that. Or before you say my fear of going out on the street is hysteria… This is not a disease, it is not madness: it is the normalization of evil against us women.”

In April 2014, Brazil criminalized revenge porn through the Marco Civil law, which requires intermediary Internet parties to expediently remove such content from their platforms, at the request of the victims or their legal representative. The law does not allow victims to anonymously seek the removal of content, nor does it remove the content from platforms outside of Brazil.

Currently, there is no comprehensive legislation that effectively prevents cyber sexual abuse from being proliferated online. The victim of this recent gang rape recently posted on Facebook that it was not her body that hurt, but her “soul,” because there are “cruel people not being punished” for the crime against her.

The photos and video of the victim’s assault are no doubt still available online, even if the initial postings were removed from Twitter, as there are no laws compelling websites outside the country to remove them from their platforms. However, the outrage of women in Brazil and beyond offers hope that this failure in legislation could change.

The post Brazilian women protest ‘culture of rape’ after gang rape photos, video of girl posted online appeared first on Feminist Current.

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Living on Your Breath (110343 words) by Sineala
Chapters: 3/3
Fandom: Marvel (Comics), Marvel 616, Avengers (Comics)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Characters: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Carol Danvers, Wanda Maximoff, Janet Van Dyne, Clint Barton, Thor (Marvel), Vision (Marvel), Vance Astrovik, Angelica Jones, Pietro Maximoff
Additional Tags: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Brainwashing, Mind Control, Mind Control Aftermath & Recovery, Villain Tony Stark, Torture, BDSM, Bondage, Dominance, Submission, Dom Tony Stark, Sub Steve Rogers, Sadism, Masochism, Hand Feeding, Food Issues, stress positions, Shaving, Collars, Gags, Handcuffs, Non-Consensual Drug Use, Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism, Suicidal Thoughts, Internalized Kink Shaming, Knifeplay, Bloodplay, Whipping, Choking, Breathplay, Getting Together, Happy Ending, Avengers Vol. 3 (1998), Community: cap_ironman, Cap_Ironman Reverse Bang Challenge 2016, Additional Warnings In Author's Note
Summary: The Avengers have faced Onslaught and come home. The team has assembled again. And Steve is finally together with Tony. They're in love. Everything is perfect. But this happiness is all too brief, as Tony is kidnapped by forces unknown. Steve rushes off to rescue Tony, only to find that Tony has been brainwashed and turned against him. Now Steve, captured and tortured by the man he loves, must sacrifice everything he has to stop Tony from becoming a monster. Their relationship will never be the same again... if they both get out of here alive.


Here is the iddiest idfic I have ever written. I tried to tag for EVERYTHING and now the tags are longer than the summary. Whoops.

Anyway, have a hundred thousand words of h/c with brainwashing and torture. This is also the most h/c I have ever written.

You should also check out [personal profile] phoenixmetaphor's most excellent art that actually inspired all this. It took me a lot of words to explain why Tony was wearing fishnets and leather and choking out Steve.
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"What three decades in journalism has taught me about the persistence of racism in the US"  by Howard W French, a Long Read in the UK Guardian.

Howard French is one of best public intellectual writers.

A pull quote from the essay:

Having rediscovered the crisis of American race relations, there were reasons to hope that the media might make the colour line, as the eminent early-20th-century black American intellectual WEB Dubois famously called it, the focus of even deeper and more serious ongoing attention. But the attention of US journalism – and along with it, the attention of the nation – soon drifted away. What happened?

The easy part of the answer is that 2015 marked the start of a seemingly endless season of obsessive American political coverage, in the long run-up to the 2016 presidential election. Journalists descended on Baltimore to cover the protests over the death of Freddie Gray in April, but in the months that followed, reporters started to turn their focus to places such as Iowa and New Hampshire, where Republican candidates were already visiting county fairs and meeting voters in greasy spoons.

But what was less predictable, and much more striking, was the brazen way that the Republican candidates competed in pandering to white voters using racial themes. Perhaps they sensed that, after two terms under Barack Obama, many Republican primary voters were incensed by the appearance of cracks in what might be called the hegemony of whiteness. Donald Trump led the way, and provided the most famous examples – describing immigrants from Mexico as criminals and rapists, proposing to ban Muslims from entering the country – but he was far from alone.

microsoft 10 is utter trash

May. 30th, 2016 02:52 pm
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how the fuck is it that its been out for a fucking year but its still got issues that make me unable to restart my computer without having to go thru numerous crashes? i dont know how to fix this shit and now i dont want to update the damn thing becuase i dont want to go thru the stress. fuck this pos company. why didn't i follow my instincts and refuse to update again?


May. 30th, 2016 02:49 pm
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I'm kinda pissed at the universe at the moment, and one way past that is to give y'all some headcanon or timestamps or such. So I'm open for prompts for all of my Clint/Phil universes (see this tumblr post for links to the universes, or just go to [ profile] shell at AO3). Plan of Care & Merino Blend both have sequels in the works already, so my responses to those prompt might be a little trickier, but as they're both kind of stalled at the moment, I'd love something that would get me going!

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May. 30th, 2016 03:50 pm
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I've snagged today's happy hour with William and its open for ages. Tag in, thread hop on this rainy Memorial Day.
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Posted by Ophelia Benson

Erdoğan spoke up today for the benefits of overpopulation.

He is quoted here as saying:

We will multiply our descendants. They talk about population planning, birth control. No Muslim family can have such an approach.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, the President said he believed that:

A woman is above all else a mother.

In a speech peppered with quotes from from the Koran on the virtues of motherhood, he stressed that women cannot be freed:

By destroying the notion of family.

It’s a win-win, you see. More submitters for the religion, and fewer rights for women.

While urging his compatriots to protect the family, the President also insisted that:

Women are not equal to men. Our religion [Islam] has defined a position for women: motherhood. You cannot explain this to feminists because they don’t accept the concept of motherhood.

He said he believes women and men are not equal “because it goes against the laws of nature” and because of differences in their “characters, habits and physiques.”

“You cannot place a mother breastfeeding her baby on an equal footing with men,” Erdogan said, because women cannot do the same work as men “as in communist regimes,” where women are given a shovel and told what to do.

This is against their delicate nature.

Sure. They’re delicate flowers, plus they’re stupid, so nursing a baby is really all they can do, frankly.

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Not only does chapter 3 seem (tentatively) to make sense and hold together, I also think I’ve figured out what the fuck I’m doing with the defecting-Stormtrooper subplot. 

I am cautiously pleased. Also I just was poking through my documents and I think I have a semi-fluff sequel to Morale Surveys that I could publish. I don’t know if it’s enough to stand on its own, but maybe I’ll put that up!

Meanwhile, though. It’s time to brave the sunshine to hang out my last and final load of laundry for the day. Yikes. Wish me luck, it’s nuclear out there.

earth keeps shaking by cicak

May. 30th, 2016 07:47 pm
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via keeps shaking by cicak:




Pairing: Finn/Poe

Rating: fucking

So this is an expansion of the ficlet I wrote during NSFW fridays. Thank you once again to my wife sex toy anon who put this wonderful thought into my head. Sex toys! They’re the best!

(I am but a humble porn farmer, but this grew from the simple porn I imagined it to be. In this there is some kinkshaming in the form of toxic masculinity and some discussion of guilt and how PTSD can totally fuck with masturbation. But it is also SUPREMELY filthy, so don’t think that my crops don’t grow or anything.)

And it’s a bank holiday Monday morning reblog! Wakey wakey, grab some coffee, settle in for some sex toy smut to start your day off right.

Its the last reblog of the reblog cycle! I have a headache, it sucks. If you need something to perk you up, why not read this fic? Its a Monday evening, and either you need to go to work tomorrow (like me) or you’ve already been at work (like lots of people), there’s always, always room for porn.

If anyone hasn’t seen this yet, it’s so good and I’m almost mad about it.
It features a lot of emotional states expressed through varying types of masturbation, and if that doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.
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my looks, ranged by how many fuck I give:

-2 fucks and beyond - “what’s wrong with that poor thing?”  (jammies, fuzzy hoodie, slippers with kitties, why am I even outside?)

-1 fuck - probably a witch (not even sure what’s on me but it’s wierd and stained)

-0.5 fucks - local weirdo suspected of witchcraft (inappropriate old clothes that should not be worn outside)

none fucks - spinster (I’m wearing clean clothes)

+0.5 fucks - schoolteacher from the 50s (I’m wearing presentable clothes)

+1 fuck - average schmuck  (I’m going to the store/to work because I have to)

+1.5 fucks - that nice neighbor  (I’m going to the store/to work in a good mood)

+2 fucks - woman about town  (job interview, coffee with friends)

+3 fucks - “whoa, you’re pretty! since when? -fuck off”  (weddings, graduations)

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May. 30th, 2016 02:43 pm
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I’m dithering. I’ve got twenty days to finish this WIP Big Bang story, and I can’t seem to write at all. I know that eating certain types of junk food will jumpstart my brain and let me write, but it’s terribly bad for me. It would just be so easy to have Scott pick up a bag of Cheetos and/or some cookies and/or some jellybeans. He’ll do it if I ask, but he won’t make the decision for me, and I really don’t want to make the decision.

It’s very easy to say that this is just once, but I’d really like to find a better way to work than playing stupid tricks with my blood sugar. Maybe if I can get a solid night of sleep tonight? Eating junk is a tactic I’ve employed successfully pretty often in the past when I was having trouble getting my brain to focus enough to write. I remember needing to chew sugary gum when I spent hours at the computer labs in college. Food wasn’t allowed, but gum was, and I went through a lot of it. At any rate, it goes that far back.

On the plus side, I had a little bit of fruit yesterday (about three slices of cooked peach), and I’m doing okay. I’ll try some more fruit later today, probably applesauce since that’s what we’ve got.

Yeah, Right.

May. 30th, 2016 10:25 am
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Conservatives (especially religious ones) hate your pleasure. (Not that you don't already know this, but it's nice to have all those links in one place.) I remember that Theodore Sturgeon had a lot to say about sex and religion; I just can't find where he said it.
People are noticing that the cage door is open and that the world outside offers a rainbow of possibilities.

Sex and love that are not controlled by the Church compete with the Church. If individuals who are young and elderly, stable and transitioning, queer and straight, partnered and single, parenting and childfree, claim the right to pleasure themselves and each other and to form intimate bonds based on no authority save their own mutual consent and delight, the Church is screwed.
Valerie Tarico, AlterNet.

Also, I spent a couple hours reading up on the Albigensian Crusade.

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Posted by Meghan Murphy

Survivors speak out against Amnesty International’s policy supporting the decriminalization of pimps and johns. In her message to Amnesty, Alisa Bernard, survivor and Board Member at Organization of Prostitution Survivors, says:

“Demand for commercial sex leads to prostitution… You say that you’re opposed to sex trafficking, but by adopting this policy, you are promoting prostitution. You are promoting the expansion of the market that will increase sex trafficking.”

More and more children are getting the message that to defy or to feel uncomfortable with the gender binary means they are transgender. Helen Lewis argues that “separating dissatisfaction with the social constraints of gender from body dysmorphia is vital.”

On Friday, a 52-year-old man charged with sexual assault and administering a noxious substance after luring a woman to his home under the guise of selling her a cat.

Johnny Depp’s friends are out in full force, accusing Amber Heard of lying about Depp’s abuse.

The post What’s Current: Survivors speak out against Amnesty International’s pro-prostitution policy appeared first on Feminist Current.

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Here's an action alert from Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services:

the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is planning renewed deportation efforts targeting children and families who fled to the U.S. from Central America seeking protection. As with the enforcement actions that occurred just after Christmas 2015, the Administration again claims it will target for deportation only children and families with no legal claim to stay in the United States. Many of these mothers and children are refugees, but the process is unfairly tilted against them.

More information and what you can do to help )

Merry Monday #26

May. 30th, 2016 08:22 pm
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What good, exciting things happened to you last week? What are you looking forward to this week? It can be one thing or many things, something big or small - especially the small things, they don't get enough credit.

If you are uncomfortable commenting publicly, you can leave an anonymous comment instead which will stay screened, and I have turned off Captchas.

♣ Painting workshop later this week... I am nervous (because I am the one organising it, haha) but looking forward to it either way.
♣ I set up a mailing list at! Without help, apart from consulting some of their FAQ. *is proud*
♣ Re-installed Torchlight 2. Still an awesome game. (One day I shall write a recommendation post.)
♣ I have two overripe leftover bananas, and I can see a banana-strawberry sheet cake in the future. (Wish me luck; like most of the time I'll jump into this without a recipe.)


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