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Feb. 10th, 2016 02:07 pm
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Posted by Lisa Wade, PhD

3Cultural and Historical Variation



Compulsory Coupling:




Lisa Wade is a professor at Occidental College and the co-author of Gender: Ideas, Interactions, Institutions. Find her on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

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Posted by Darryl D'Monte

Casteism and the state of our civil society were the major issues discussed at the recently held Difficult Dialogues conclave in Goa. It was organised by the South Asia Centre of the London School of Economics India Summit 2016 and the Television Trust for the Environment. Darryl D’Monte, who participated in one of the panel discussions, reports.

Books! and ConDFW

Feb. 10th, 2016 08:06 am
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Guest post I did: Monsters in the Books of the Raksura


* Pillar of Fire by Judith Tarr
Nofret is the daughter of a Hittite nobleman, captured by enemies from Mitanni and sent as tribute to the Pharaoh in Egypt: the strange, otherworldly Akhenaten, who rules from his raw new city of Amarna. As servant to his daughter, she witnesses the rise and fall of Akhenaten and his one god, the lives and deaths of his queen and his heirs, and the brief reign of Tutankhamon. Then, freed at last from Egypt, she embarks on a years-long journey into the desert oases of Sinai, and there finds love and family.

* Dearest by Alethea Kontis
Readers met the Woodcutter sisters (named after the days of the week) in Enchanted and Hero. In this delightful third book, Alethea Kontis weaves together some fine-feathered fairy tales to focus on Friday Woodcutter, the kind and loving seamstress. When Friday stumbles upon seven sleeping brothers in her sister Sunday’s palace, she takes one look at Tristan and knows he’s her future. But the brothers are cursed to be swans by day. Can Friday’s unique magic somehow break the spell?

* The Assimilated Cuban's Guide to Quantum Santeria by Carlos Hernandez
Assimilation is founded on surrender and being broken; this collection of short stories features people who have assimilated, but are actively trying to reclaim their lives. There is a concert pianist who defies death by uploading his soul into his piano. There is the person who draws his mother’s ghost out of the bullet hole in the wall near where she was executed. Another character has a horn growing out of the center of his forehead—punishment for an affair. But he is too weak to end it, too much in love to be moral. Another story recounts a panda breeder looking for tips. And then there’s a border patrol agent trying to figure out how to process undocumented visitors from another galaxy. Poignant by way of funny, and philosophical by way of grotesque, Hernandez’s stories are prayers for self-sovereignty.

* You can now preorder: Congress of Secrets by Stephanie Burgis but first there's Masks And Shadows, coming out in April.

* The Keeper of the Mist by Rachel Neumeier
Keri has been struggling to run her family bakery since her mother passed away. Now the father she barely knew—the Lord of Nimmira—has died, and ancient magic has decreed that she will take his place as the new Lady. The position has never been so dangerous: the mists that hide Nimmira from its vicious, land-hungry neighbors have failed, and Keri's people are visible to strangers for the first time since the mists were put in place generations ago.

* Bleeding Earth by Kaitlin Ward
Lea was in a cemetery when the earth started bleeding. Within twenty-four hours, the blood made international news. All over the world, blood oozed out of the ground, even through the concrete, even in the water. Then the earth started growing hair and bones. Lea wishes she could ignore the blood. She wishes she could spend time with her new girlfriend, Aracely, in public, if only Aracely wasn't so afraid of her father. Lea wants to be a regular teen again, but the blood has made her a prisoner in her own home. Fear for her social life turns into fear for her sanity, and Lea must save herself and her girlfriend however she can.

* Games Wizards Play by Diane Duane
Every eleven years, Earth's senior wizards hold the Invitational: an intensive three-week event where the planet's newest, sharpest young wizards show off their best and hottest spells. Wizardly partners Kit Rodriguez and Nita Callahan, and Nita's sister, former wizard-prodigy Dairine Callahan, are drafted in to mentor two brilliant and difficult cases: for Nita and Kit, there’s Penn Shao-Feng, a would-be sun technician with a dangerous new take on managing solar weather; and for Dairine, there's shy young Mehrnaz Farrahi, an Iranian wizard-girl trying to specialize in defusing earthquakes while struggling with a toxic extended wizardly family that demands she perform to their expectations.


I'll be reading from The Edge of Worlds on this Friday the 12th at 6:00 pm of ConDFW, the last reading I'll be doing from it before the book comes out. The incomparable Tex Thompson will also be reading then from her newest work. You don't want to miss us because we are both very special.
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Posted by Phil Plait

NASA and the White House have announced their proposed budget request for the fiscal year of 2017 (the government year starting Oct. 1). As usual, there’s good news and bad news.

First, let me be clear: This is not NASA’s actual budget. Every year, the space agency gets together with the President’s staff and they hammer out a budget based on what they want to do. Usually there are some guiding principles, like beefing up commercial spaceflight, getting back to the Moon or going to Mars, things like that.

In the meantime, in Congress, the House works out its own separate budget for NASA (and everything else in the federal government). Once approved in committee, it goes to the floor for approval by all the Representatives, and then that version of the budget bill goes to the Senate. They then work out their own version, both sides of Congress hammer out their compromises, and then finally, they present that to the President as part of the federal budget to approve or deny.

Got it? So the budget we’re hearing about now from NASA is just a request to Congress, and will very likely undergo changes, some big and many small. But change it will.

Also, all of this is a bit of a hot take from me, a quick look first impression of what’s what. As time goes on we’ll get more of a sense of what these numbers mean… and what Congress is likely to say about them (for another take on all this, see my Alan Boyle’s summary at Geekwire, Casey Dreier’s at The Planetary Society and also Jeff Foust’s at SpaceNews).

So, given all that, what have we got? Let’s look at the biggies first.

Overall, the budget requested totals just over $19 billion. That’s down from last year’s enacted budget of just under $19.3 billion, but is also the highest request the President has ever made. So yay? Kinda? As always, I’d like to see NASA’s budget doubled. Remember as you read everything below, NASA’s budget is less than one percent of the federal budget. That’s a good thing to bear in mind.

Space Launch System, or SLS, is the heavy lift launch rocket NASA is developing, and Orion is the capsule being developed with it that will carry humans into space. The requests for the two this year are $1.31 billion and $1.12 billion respectively. This can be compared to what was actually enacted for them last year: $2 billion, and $1.27 billion. That means the request is far less than last year’s funding, down by $690 and $150 million.

Personally, I am no fan of SLS. I’ve written about this many times; I don’t think this rocket is really needed, and it costs so much that very little money will be left over in NASA’s budget to actually do anything with it after it’s built (it’s like buying a car so expensive you can’t afford groceries).

However the Senate is very pro-SLS (some joke it’s actually the Senate Launch System).  Last year, the requested budget from the President for SLS was $1.36 billion, and Congress added $650 million to it! So I expect this request, like last year’s, will be heavily modified (added to) by Congress. This past year, Orion was actually funded at a higher amount than last year’s request as well.

Commercial Crew and Cargo (the part that funds companies like SpaceX and Boeing to take supplies and humans into space) gets a total of about $2.76 billion. The crew funding is down a bit from last year, but it looks like overall this will be a robust amount to fund these companies (the Commercial Spaceflight Federation agrees). I’m all for this; we rely on Russians right now to get our astronauts up to the International Space Station, and that is a terrible situation to be in. Commerical Crew gets mixed support in Congress; some Congresscritters support it strongly, while others do everything they can to slow it down and feed more to SLS.

As for science, that’s hit and miss. Astrophysics got a bump of $51 million over last year to $781 million, which is nice (the James Webb Space Telescope got less funding than last year, but that’s part of the planned-for needs of the mission; less money is needed next year than for the previous year). Heliophysics (studying the Sun) got a bump of just under $50 million to almost $700 million, so that’s good too.

Bizarrely, planetary science got slashed again by the White House. It drops from $1.63 billion to $1.52 billion, a cut of over $110 million. Mind you, this is the division that produced the successful flyby of Pluto last year. You may remember that. It’s a bona fide mystery why, year after year, the President’s request continues to try to cut what’s arguably the most successful part of NASA, both scientifically and in the public eye. My only hope is that, as they have done in previous years, Congress steps in and puts that number back to where it should be.

Incidentally, as Casey Dreier at The Planetary Society points out, a lot of this cut goes into the budget for the Europa mission (to Jupiter’s icy moon that has an ocean of water under its surface). It’s looking like the White House wants to fund an orbiter, but Congress has been clear on wanting a more expensive lander mission (I do too, duh). It’s not clear what rocket will be used there either; the Senate will want to use SLS, of course, while the President will want the Atlas V. I have my doubts that relying on SLS, a rocket that won’t be useable for nearly a decade, is a good bet. However, it would be able to launch a much more ambitious Europa mission and get it to Jupiter faster. So, I’m conflicted here, and have no obvious resolution to this mess (unless SpaceX gets their Falcon Heavy operating soon).

Earth science gets a boost this year in the request, up over $110 million from last year, to just over $2 billion. I wonder what will happen there when this gets to Congress? The total number may stay about the same (it did last year), but I would bet funding will be rearranged by Congress, since Earth science covers missions that study climate change. We know how the GOP-controlled Congress feels about that.

While Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) doesn’t directly control NASA money, he can influence what NASA does; mind you he is running for President under the banner of cutting government spending. He also has been beating the drums hard to promote his anti-science agenda. His counterparts in the House feel the same way, so I’m fairly confident this part of the budget will see some changes.

And maddeningly, NASA’s education arm suffers another big cut in this request, from $115 million enacted last year to $100 million. Madness. For some reason, the President’s office has been slashing this part of the budget year after year, and that’s just a terrible idea. Plain and simple. I worked in the education community using NASA funds for several years, and I saw first hand how much of an impact it had. NASA’s outreach efforts are part of why people correctly think of NASA as the shining example of humanity’s vision of exploration. Cutting that effort makes zero sense.

So for now, there we go. Again, these are some quick looks with my opinion added; I reserve the right to modify my opinions as more facts come in. We’ll see.

And again, remember how tiny a fraction of the federal budget NASA gets. Imagine if, instead of squabbling over pennies, we funded our space exploration at the level that it actually needs. What wonders would we see, what benefits would be reaped on Earth, how could we add to our compendium of knowledge about the Universe?

Per politicus, ad astra.

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- On sensory disabilities and superpowers: it's not that every cloud has a silver lining because lol NO, but I've noticed that a side-effect of my increasing photosensitivity is a wider range of vision for faint light sources which means I now see more rainbows, and more complex rainbows with supernumerary arcs and secondary arcs, and more iridescent clouds (even without sunglasses, although my use of those also increases my ability to perceive certain spectral phenomena), and more moon halos. I know that many disabled people have been force-fed the narrative about disability superpowers until they're sick of it, but... I still get more pretty skies than my fellow humans with average vision. So. WIN.

- "Horses recognise human emotions": MIND-READING PONIES!!1!! (@BBC) ;-)

- Girl with Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton from The Odd Emporium

Girl with Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton, by The Odd Emporium

- Reading, books 2016, 26.

23. Fanny and the Monsters, by Penelope Lively, 1976-80, three short stories combined into an innocent children's novel and not the infamous BDSM puppet pornography with a similar name. My 1983 paperback has a pink mammoth logo on the spine. :-D This would have read as old-fashioned even in the mid-70s and not because of the conservative Victorian setting, but I wanted to read it because it includes an encounter with the Crystal Palace dinosaurs that haunted my childhood (I sometimes consider trying to read every children's novel featuring them - I wonder if anyone's made a list?). The first two stories are rather dull, but the prose is lively (ahem), and I enjoyed the last story very much. (4/5)

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Feb. 10th, 2016 07:01 am
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This tweet mentions that FogCon is coming up in Walnut Creek. As my eyes moved past it I briefly misread it and imagined a world in which there is a fan convention celebrating my old employer, Fog Creek Software. That was a strange half-second.

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Feb. 10th, 2016 06:46 am
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Starting a "Commit to Get Fit" program today. It's the 90-day Genavix one, which I would link to except there's suspiciously little information about it online. I mean, it's a real thing, but its internet presence is minimal. You'd think I'd learn to avoid red flags, right? Apparently not.

Last night I dreamed that I set a microwave on fire. On the plus side, the fire extinguisher worked. And I was in a swamp, but my compromised hemlock tree friend turned into some sort of stronger beech or musclewood as it grew. So I guess I am alarmed about circumstances but confident in my ability to handle them?

I keep thinking, what if I'm looking back at this moment from the end of my life? What would I tell myself to do? Spend a few extra minutes in bed, pat the dog, go to yoga, eat the Valentine's Day donut. That's what I'm thinking.
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Years & Years - Ready for You

That or they are masochist as hell.

Jake and Simon - Ready to Love. (TV series: Cuffs) vid by KIE e 4

Not to be tossed aside lightly....

Feb. 10th, 2016 07:44 am
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My travails with Bold in Her Breeches (ed Jo Stanley and her gang of lubberly dogs including Anne Chambers, Dian H. Murray and Julie Wheelwright) continue apace, and since I'm stuck on a train to Bristol with wifi and it's reading Wednesday, you lot are going to suffer along with me. This book purports to be a feminist history of female pirates, but as it's been -- I hesitate to say "written" because it comes over as more sort of fermented in a swamp -- as it's been created by a team whose definitions of "feminist" "history" and, for that matter "pirate" are not mine, I feel like I've been conned. There's a man called Samuel Romilley who's given a one-star review of it on Amazon on which I will find it hard to improve (though I shall try, nonetheless):

Bold it certainly is, creating a rich tapestry of conjecture, unsullied and unrestrained by facts. This is one of the most execrable pieces of purported history I have come across, and I have come across quite a few. If there is no evidence for an assertion however outlandish, assert it nonetheless, claim that it must have been so, and so it was so. Turgid in style, tepid in content, inane in analysis. Do not read it, other than for laughs - it did provoke quite a few not just from me but from friends to whom I gleefully read extracts- and do not buy it. I did, alas.

I see a drinking game in this book's future. But onwards to the meat of the matter!

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*Greenland. Colonised by Norsemen. Note the word "colonised". Erik the Red clearly had women in his fleet and presumably children and given how bloody difficult it probably was to get a longship across the Atlantic I bet everyone who could work the ship did.

** And no, the motto "terra marique potens" does NOT proclaim its holder "Lord of the Seas around Ireland" any more than a frog is a fish.

*** Their definition is not only muddled by ill-advised applications of post-colonial theory, in which fleets belong to colonising Powers, being as morally bad as pirates, become pirates, it includes people like Artemisia of Halicarnassus, who was, of course, admiral of her own fleet, which she brought, very properly (apart from the friendly ramming incident), to the aid of the Great King when required as a loyal vassal to fight at Salamis.

Midweek Anti-procrastination

Feb. 10th, 2016 09:49 am
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Where is the time going? Anyway here we go, time to anti-procrastinate! What will you tackle? Need some cheering, you've come to the right place! We have cheers aplenty!

Good luck everyone! Remember you can do it!

The Penitent Magdalen

Feb. 10th, 2016 12:00 am
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The Penitent Magdalen
Corrado Giaquinto

Artist: Corrado Giaquinto (Italian, Molfetta 1703–1766 Naples)

Date: ca. 1750
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 63 x 46 1/2 in. (160 x 118.1 cm)
Classification: Paintings
Credit Line: Purchase, Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fisch Gift, in honor of Keith Christiansen, 2006
Accession Number: 2006.54

Information about hundreds of thousands of works of art is available in The Metropolitan Museum of Art's Collection Database.

Photograph Credits | Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy

© 2000–2016 The Metropolitan Museum of Art. All rights reserved.

6mm rubik’s cube

Feb. 10th, 2016 01:30 am
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See, this is the kind of thing that would send me into a killing spree. It’s assembly of a 6mm-wide Rubik’s Cube. I was dimly aware of Rubik’s Cube Fandom, which make their own insane rotational iterative puzzles, each more complicated than the next, some the size of basketballs, but I wasn’t also aware that there was a competition for smallest.

Seriously, it’d be heat ray time for EVERYONE, I get antsy just watching it be assembled. But I still think it’s awfully neat and hey, go you, obsessive rotational puzzle fandom, go you:

ps: This may be the final day of posts using the Social distributor/comment collector. I’m kind of hoping that they leave the proxy app running and just take the plugin offline on the site. I doubt it, but hey, I can hope. Again, if you have suggestions for replacements, tell me about it – thanks.

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Feb. 10th, 2016 09:12 am
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Happy birthday, [personal profile] mal1!

A soiree for the T-s

Feb. 10th, 2016 09:06 am
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Docket stands back and looks at Mrs T-, and gives a nod. Sure, says I, you are entire fit to dine with an archbishop.

She looks at herself in my fine pier-glass and nods herself. Perchance, she says, I should take this gown back with me should we ever get invit’d to dine at Government House.

Docket sniffs and says 'twill be quite out of style by then.

Mrs T- laughs and remarks that as Port Jackson is woefully behind fashion, she confides that it will be consider’d all the crack. But, she says, have I time to go look at the twins before being on show?

(Because the twins are still at breast, the T-s have brought them along to be in the house as they attend my soirée, so that Mrs T- may feed them if necessary. They rest in the belowstairs sitting-room, where Prue, Celeste, and Euphemia hang over their cradle with doating exclamations, and Dorcas cautions them not to wake the babies up.)

Indeed, says I, do you go look at them. I will go get into the the frets in the reception chamber.

My dear musickal friends are already there, and Miss McK- tells me that she has uncover’d a few other songs in the same vein as the one I request’d, shall she perform those as well? Oh my dear Miss McK-, says I, that is very thoughtfull of you, indeed, I should greatly like to hear them, and 'twill, I hope, convey a message. She gives me a grin. O, that you purpose to be as false and inconstant as he?

Does the occasion come my way! I reply.

Oh, Miss L-, I go on, I hear from Mrs F- that their governess confides that she has taken Meg, that is her daughter that shows musickal promise, as far as she may, and considers that she needs more advanc’d teaching on the pianoforte. I should be delight’d to promote your interest in the matter of lessons when they come to reside at R- House.

Miss L- gives a happy sigh and says, R- House, where Seraphine is now mistress of the kitchens? sure I would be most entirely delight’d to receive preference to that post.

Herr H- comes to make an introduction of Herr F-, the violincellist that is affianc’d to Fraulein H-. He bows extreme pretty over my hand and says some most civil things, but has the air of a young man that is very well-pleas’d with himself, which I confide augurs not well for their marriage.

Comes Signor V- a little behindhand, kisses my hand very flamboyant, and asks do I hear from the bellissima Contessa? I explain that she has gone take the cure at Aix but that I am in great expectation that she will shortly come to Town. He declares that doubtless she is breaking all hearts at Aix, which is a pretty sentiment, but inclines me to suppose that he may be a little shockt when he sets eyes upon the dear Contessa again. Tho’ indeed she possesses that charm that has little to do with youthfull looks.

Mr T- has gone over to the chess-board, that I keep out should any desire a game, and because it is a fine pretty set, and seems to be working out some problem there, tho’ the matter is entire beyond me. Sure I understand the various moves but I have no skill as a player and find myself very soon in check do I venture.

Enters dearest Mrs T-, and he looks up at her, quite entire as he did when first I met him, as if the Biblickal verses upon his mind are those of the Song of Solomon. She goes across and takes his hand and murmurs something, I daresay concerning the twins. They smile at one another in the way that I would never dare smile upon my darlings are we in publick.

Mrs O’C- and Mr P- arrive, along with Mr and Mrs N-: Mrs O’C- goes at once to the card-table to ensure that all is in order there. Mr P- nods to Mr G- D-, that is having a few words with Titus, and goes talk to him, I confide very like about some new notion he has of an opera.

I go make introductions between the T-s and the N-s. Mr N- immediate begins upon talking to them about the importance of the antipodes. Mrs N- looks at Mrs T- and I confide has no recognition of her old friend. Blue spectacles conceal those fine dark eyes that were aforetimes so greatly admir’d.

I turn away to welcome the S-s, who are with the V-s, young Sebastian K-, and Sandy. Martha is wearing her new gown from Mamzelle Bridgette, and looks exceeding fine, indeed I see Mr S- keep glancing at her admiringly.

I hear something strange behind me, and turn to look. It is Mr T- having manag’d most extreme deft to start questioning Mr N- about various matters to do with transportation rather than simply listening to him and wondering will he ever halt.

Mrs N- has already drift’d away to chat to Mrs O’C-, and Mrs T is looking down upon the chess-board. She tilts her head considering and moves a piece, then considers some more. Sandy looks most intrigu’d and moves to join her.

My attention is distract’d by the arrival of Sir Z- R- along with Mr van H-, who both greet me very effusive but I can see that Sir Z- R- has a great wish to discourse of wombatts with Mr T-, so I let them pass without engaging them in conversation.

Enters Mr de C- with Phoebe, that whispers to me as we shake hands that she has just been taking a peep at the darling twins, are they not quite the most adorable things? Can Mrs T- tell which is which?

Mr de C- looks fondly at her. He takes her hand very protective and says he desires a quick word with Titus in hopes that he can persuade him to model for some of these paintings he makes on the Evils of Slavery. They go over to where the musicians are gather’d.

There are a number of further arrivals, including Sir B- and Lady W-. Susannah looks at me and then over to Martha and gives her crookt smile. Indeed she shows well.

Up bustles Mr H-, shakes my hand, mentions that he has late had dealing with the trade, and then sighs and says in a very low voice that he finds none that have quite my old aptitude for personating works of art. I squeeze his hand a little with a commiserating glance.

Next through the door are Biffle and little V, that looks around the room, sees her sister and flies over to her, taking both her hands: O, Martha, how exceeding well you look, quite magnificent! Martha gives a little twitch of her shoulders and then kisses Viola very warm.

I find Sebastian K- standing just behind me, and ask how his father and mother do. He heaves a little sigh and says his mother is still very poorly, and he fears that his father is listening to the wild promises of quacks. He wonders whether he should speak to Mr H- on the topick, but I remark that Mr H- is wont to pooh-pooh a great many entirely reputable members of his profession as quacks, including the entire Royal College of Physicians and even some of his own colleagues at Barts. I express my sympathies. 'Tis a hard life for a young man, his mother so sickly, his father so preoccupy’d, and a business to run.

Mr H-, Mr P-, Mr N- and Sir B- W- are now settl’d at the card-table, and I see Mr T- cast longing glances towards them. However, Sir Z- R- is expatiating to him upon the virtues of his wombatt, its siring of offspring, &C. Mr K-, I say, I think you would be doing a kind office did you go ask Mr T- some questions concerning New South Wales.

There is a general pleasing buzz of conversation.

Comes in Lady J-, greets me and scans the company. I see her look momentarily affront’d at observing that Sandy has become engross’d in playing chess with Mrs T-.

Quite on her heels arrives Milord. He kisses my hand entire in the usual style, but I look a little disdainfull upon him. I beckon Timothy forward with the wine to offer him a glass.

I make a little sign to Mr G- D- to begin some musick.

It is a little later, after the first sortie to the fine supper table that Euphemia has provid’d, that Miss McK- commences upon the songs concerning women who do not fall into a decline do they find a lover faithless.

There are those in the company who do not take any inner meaning, but others that cut their eyes towards Milord or myself. I sit with an expression as of one that scorns to make jealous scenes with a fickle fellow.

Mr T- has finally sat down at the card-table and his fellow-players are looking somewhat distresst as he proceeds to win every hand. (But I see that Mrs T- does not venture near: sure a clergyman’s wife would not play cards in company; moreover, I daresay Miss G-'s style of play might be recogniz’d even if her face is not.)

After the musickal interlude conversation resumes. I look about to make sure that all is well, but there is none looking solitary and ill-at-ease.

However, Lord G- R- quits the group around Mrs T-, comes over to me, bows over my hand and bids me farewell. Another scene in our comedy: 'tis almost the time when the play will be over and it will be suppos'd that he rushes to the stage door. (I can see those among the company that make this calculation.) I bestow a smile that intends to convey that I am not in the least troubl’d by his departure.

Agent Carter 2.05

Feb. 10th, 2016 09:01 am
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Minus one sequence, loved this one.

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words 364

Feb. 10th, 2016 02:28 am
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and now for bed.
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I remastered my Agent Carter season two vid (posted here a few weeks ago) with MUCH nicer footage. I hope it's all right to post it twice -- but seriously, it is like a whole new vid now, and the old links no longer work!

Song: There Will Never Be Another Tonight
Fandom: Agent Carter (season two)
Vidder: [personal profile] sholio
Artist: Bryan Adams
Warnings: spoilers for 2x01 and 2x02; otherwise none
Summary: Make a little magic, raise some hell. They're back and making trouble in LA! Footage is from the first two episodes of season two.

Download and streaming at my journal.


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